Epistemology; digging for real treasure {and finding intimate friendship along the way}

How do we know we are seeing things as they really are? Our perceptions can be shaped by prejudices or cultural environments which can blindside or darken us as to how things are happening in reality. Epistemology is the study of how we know or what enables us to believe why we are experiencing an event; an attempt to understand how we put things together and come to conclusions. Why should we have to study such a simple concept? How we know is related to how we obtain value, because how we know is based on whom or what we trust in. And a lie bankrupts the insincere if they will not test true interests.

We all have been subjected to disappointments, seductions, and even delusions that have caused us pain or could even have brought us to ruin, even to the point where we regret getting out of bed in the morning, going out the door, or possibly even regretting the day we were born. We all have had to waste a certain amount of time trying to find something worthwhile, and it costs us or someone else to find something real and true. One could be laboring for the wrong kind of trust or be after the wrong kind of treasures if there is no satisfaction or return of interest. And time is not something we should waste trying to avoid reality if we at least value why we are here, because time is limited in this world. Trust is only possible if one is after something more glorious than money and there is a real return of genuine interest from someone outside of one's self to see a shared dream come true. Trust needs validation to have value because of the competing interests that are necessary for a value to become real treasure. Because of this true trust is really proved through trouble and the greatest part of your strength, and although it will be a sacrifice it has to be willingly in order for trust to be realized, and only then to go into even deeper intimacies. Trust risks vulnerability to those involved so it has to be based on reality to be unshakeable, secure, and certain within time.

Seeking Something and Someone True Behind the Mystery

Why has this website been constructed? It seems that even though we have discovered and invented many things to make life easier or more comfortable on our planet, we are even more in want. There is even the unspoken fantasy in Green Policy that we should regress to living like the bushman or caveman again. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side ( pun intended) and we can never enjoy what we have or where we are at, why is that? It even seems that in the extreme metaphysical sense people shouldn't be allowed to use any natural resources at all – making the death of human nature the ultimate godliness to save the planet, but to who's delight ? The blessing has become a curse for some reason, especially in the USA. What we value has changed or been lost and I think you will find is linked to either finding a comforter in life, or a comforter in death. These are the two general interests behind two kinds of trusts.

Many also like to pride themselves in the continuous education program, in other words being in school forever, which I do not see as complimentary. That's because for some reason what is real and true has become a mystery or not valued. And in mystery there is no truth revealed because reasons are not shared or understood otherwise supreme causes would be recognizable, and predictable outcomes would be evident. In other words it seems the dream itself is only valued if it doesn't come true, if we evade reality and romance death. This maybe the wrong kind of trust, but tempting if you won't risk being vulnerable because you seem to have found comfort in death. Trust is something you have to give away in order to have it returned, but not to just anyone, you have to know what true riches are and if you share the same interest and want to see a dream from heaven come true. Trust will cost you the greatest part of yourself! Will there be a return with interest and the life that is truly LIFE? Is there a life that will make one see a boundary as sacred and death as an enemy?

Not only is there delusion within the schools, but the television and the libraries have a fascination with magic, witchcrafts, enchantments, and promote life and death as mystery. It seems that there is a desire for the Dark Ages to return; a time when the world was controlled by kings and superstition. Superstition attempts to evade reality; romance death by making the dead into gods and find power in darkness.

I hope in this website to bring light on where mystery and reality collide in the real world, which will put the hungry on the edge of their seats and will stretch one's mind to find out what has a hold of our desires. When one falls in love glorious dreams are inspired, tested, and labored for. But I think most of us know when you play with love, you're playing with fire because trust is at stake. Do we know who or what is behind the curtain, or the face? Vulnerability has a great price . Is our desire inspired by the right heaven? You must be the judge; it's your life, labor, and sacrifice if you want something or someone real and a dream to give birth into reality, but time is limited here! It will cost you to drink from the cup then you will receive what you truly labored for in a new world, that's a promise from God. Almost everybody knows it but very few believe it.

Mystery is meant to be discovered and is part of the excitement, and a part of the perilous journey that costs us to find something and someone real and true; trust is a sacred thing in heaven and for those who want to wake up to find the love of their life. This is the concept behind eternal life and eternal death, and a new world. Let's investigate what kind of world we are headed for, good, bad, or ugly, in reality. Life is a trip, but not to HollyWood if you value the day of your birth. All who truly seek will be put to the test, the rest will remain in mystery, and it is a matter of finding life or remaining in death. But people were born as a part of, and to take part in, tasting and fulfilling a dream from heaven striving to come out of the womb {contracting with labor pains} and into a new world. Some call this this transformation evolution.