Blinded by Sin = Trust That Is Not True

We are made for a relationship whether we like it or not because we are incomplete without a glorious love, and don't even want to live except for the hope of it. We can't fulfill ourselves, but each person has the potential to fulfill another with a unique treasure, asset, or sacrifice when a desire is inspired or awakened for a glorious dream to come true that can potentially fulfill each and every desire. And friendship can only be realized when laboring for a shared inspiration to see a dream come true, and then is bound by the glory of it, if it's from the same heaven. A dream coming true without a friend to share in its glory, has no realized glory because a desire wasn't shared or reciprocated for fulfilment.

Sin is defined as breaking a divine law that originated from heaven. And the purpose of a divine law was to reveal a way to establish a secure trust, so that a real, true, and hungry interest /desire could be fulfilled in the covering of a greater glory, which is from the Father {God the creator}. And a witness that you really gloried in that glory was that you would give the best part of your strength/labor to remain in that glory, not because you had to, but because you found a great LIFE in it. And it is so great and overflowing that you would want to bring the lost and those who are in want to its fountain if you could. It is the GLORY of glories and you would want to live forever in it!

But sin will offer you something that seems to be glorious and seems to be for free that's really not worth your best labor with a true interest, and it will break a trust that originated from heaven. Everything will be darkened, death for another will become an affection. And the friendships will not be real, false identities and gods {secret intelligence} will be one's covering, and conspiracies will thrive in an effort to obtain power over the other to enslave them, because no one has an interest/love worth their best labor. And unless one who was lost or strayed away really receives a ransom from a real God sent friend, in time one will long for death as their salvation!

Sin romances the death of one's own natural identity {being a son/daughter of man/Adam} and darkens one's perceptions; it's unnaturally natural and takes people away from overall reality. Sin is when one does not labor for a trust that is true as revealed by the absolute Judge in and of overall reality, the Judge of heaven and earth; the Father of all creation. Trust is sacred to heavenly beings as a prerequisite for a glory to be revealed, and trust has to be cleansed from uncertain and conflicting interests for one to share in a never ending interest and in an everlasting kingdom.

How can one even want to live in a kingdom that will never end unless they have found a joy and surety that is worth the greatest part of their labor with shared and returned interests? The future is always based on a promise or faith in another person's active word, spirit, and sacrifice, to taste a reality – real delightful fruit that is inspiring and enables a dream to give birth through sincere friendship. An interest in each other that never ends to enable each other's deepest sacred desires to be fulfilled, or at least to share in a common desire, is how an eternal kingdom is empowered. Of course an eternal kingdom based on a reality comes from a REAL entrustment and the reciprocated desires between REAL intimately hungry sincere children and a REAL eternal Father, one whose promises and word is certain and are confirmed with the deposit of the life/power of HIS real Spirit.

To share a desire and partake in another's spirit is a witness for one who values a real intimate friendship. There is no basis of trust without sipping from the Creator's glory [his Living Word] that has the absolute power to fulfill real shared desires in time because trust is a metaphysical and spiritual connection. Faith/Trust is a perception of love and interest that to an outsider (one who is captive to a different love or authority/ god) or those who have strayed is defined, recognized, or communicated by a standard that reveals a way to a hidden but active authority/intelligence that wants to bring a glory into reality. Is the inspiration and intelligence from Heaven or Hades; do Christians honor, trust, and know their Father from heaven?

Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God. A spirit of prostitution is in their hearts; they do not acknowledge the Lord…

They are unfaithful to the Lord; they give birth to illegitimate children…

Judah's leaders are like those who move boundary stones. I will pour out my wrath on them like a flood of water…

Then I will go back to my place until they admit their guilt. And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me.
(Hosea 5, NIV)

Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.
Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at his word; Your bretheren that hated you, that cast you out for my name's sake, said, Let the lord be glorified: but he shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed.
(Isaiah 66:4-5, KJV)

In the world it was always the lesser that served greater, or the many that served the few – those who were inspired by a hidden intelligence, namely a heavenly glory that fell to the world that would gain the dependency of the world and live out a fantasy, at the cost of dreamers, spectators, and self martyrs. But in the kingdom of Heaven it was always the greater that blessed the lesser or the few that blessed the many because they were sanctified and matured with wisdom and had a real entrustment from their Father in heaven – they had something life giving and real to offer their children or hungry students so they would mature, become independent, and prosper with joy to their Father's glory. However, worth that brings about prosperity is only realized by a companion's true personal sacrifice that fills in and ransomes a friend's short comings, weakness, or covers their vulnerability as one who intimately feeds from their Father's desire. A clean personal sacrifice that is sanctified from heaven enables another, and brings an enthusiastic return of interest once one is cleansed of conflicting interests. And Joy in its fullest is only realized by going through great trouble and doing what is normally impossible to share their Father's desire and see an everlasting kingdom dream mature into reality. The blessing is in a real friendship bound in heaven, not in money and comfort in death.

What witness do we have the Christian people or nation remains in a blessing from heaven? Do the parents pass down their valued skills and teaching so their children will have something to build upon, with the side benefit of comfort with security in their retirement? Is there an effort to train the homeless for job opportunity? And with the outcasts or those in want, and the poor, is there a desire to labor for someone true; someone with a genuinely sincere interest and share a dream based on being faithful to partake in a glorious reality? And would neighbors or at least those who share common basic interests make a way to enable each other's efforts to contribute something beneficial to make their common kingdom more delightful to labor within, that is to gladly buy each other's services and products, or will one even gladly buy their own product at one's own price? In an article from the Huffington Post only ten products are listed as wholly made in the USA;

The U.S. lost 33.1 percent of its manufacturing jobs between 2000-2010, according to the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. Many of those jobs ended up going to countries such as China, India and Brazil that provide cheaper labor and have looser employment regulations.
(Weigley,S., Nelson,L., & Hess,A.. July 2012. Products surprisingly still made in America: 24/7 Wall St. Retrieved on November 2012 from

Everyone's frailty or vulnerability is bound in the love of their labor; especially so with God. So all sacred boundaries maintain respect to the point of shedding blood so that real interest is demonstrated in the valued/sacred treasure that is behind it. And if common treasures are truly mutually valued, a true clean sacrifice will make a way to be invited across a sacred boundary for intimate friendship at the price of losing a former trust –a witness to a genuine change of interest. Everyone within a boundary, under a name which reflects a standard, within a household or government, has a valued unique/independent place to potentially fulfill their Father's desire for them and be a part of his work and dream come to life. A person's true Father is not biological but is the intelligence who gave them life for a dream to come out of the womb. However, children are entrusted to their earthly father and mother until maturity, after which they may be inspired to eat living food from a spiritual table, and then be invited to drink from an untainted heavenly cup, after which one is proved to partake in the fullness of a greater glory. And this is all about being sure one highly values whom they labor for so they can be entrusted with true riches that can make a dream come true based on an intangible, living, but absolute reality.

But when every person's natural and potential abilities and place in a household/kingdom is not respected, celebrated, and nurtured with genuine interest to see their frailty evolve into a strength as an asset to the overall happiness of a family, a power play happens to find worth and self-acquired interest; a civil war. In reality one's frailty can only mature into strength when one drinks from living waters from heaven because only it heals all wounds to where no affliction can remain; she is the Spirit of the bride that completes and comes from the Living Word, which together, come from and naturally bring glory to God their Father in Heaven. Regardless, civil war is a striving to break or re-establish a trust {trust can only be bound by a real Spirit from a heaven} through a valued blood sacrifice. A highly valued blood sacrifice is necessary so that a dream can be sanctified from a corruption enough to mature and come into reality, or to abort a conceived living reality in an attempt to find some kind of comfort in death. The question is, does one know and love who they are laboring for; the intelligence that takes hold of their desires through inspired interests?

         All persons have an amount of value, but value is meaningless unless it can gain an interest. Real interest has to come from a source outside of oneself; one cannot be secluded indefinitely to their self and have real interest. And if a person won't or can't reciprocate the interest of the one who originally gave them life – their Father in Heaven – because of an obstacle in the way to acquire an entrustment [interest] and a value in and from him, then they will not be able to find completeness independently from their fellows, nor will they be able to make a pleasing sacrifice that intercedes to overflow the fulfillment of their friend's or fellow's heavenly desires. When a person serves and is served willingly by another who wants to enable them so they can share in a common destiny and see each other's desires fulfilled; then we call it true interest or faithfulness and freedom. But for self-acquired interest to be achieved one has to gain servitude through illusion; empty flattery, intimidation, or coercion to expose the vulnerability of those they use and shame them, to hide one's own frailty or vulnerability — a power play in an attempt to desire and serve one's self by disabling those one feeds from for an interest to cause their dependency, or enslavement for self-worship. But the point is: to have real value, value is expressed through investing into gaining a certain return of interest apart from one's self, because if one's value gains no external interest their value has no purpose. Contrary to those who deny realities, a person cannot just chose anything they want to believe in without a witness, not even in themselves. And a valued interest is not believable if there is no other active witness to a reality –credit for real riches that open a door for a powerful glory to make its claim for its kingdom.

When a power play happens, members of a common household, government, or company, will not want the ones who have access to their frailty and are supposed to cover their vulnerability, their lovers and co-laborers, to have extra advantage. Extra advantage can be in the form of technology, skill, or freedom to resources and invention. And those who have gained advantage will not want to train or employ their own if they can avoid it because they do not want to risk being vulnerable to those who just want to take their advantage and drain them of their value. They sometimes would rather take a chance with a stranger or employ a family enemy to avoid an intimate relationship. But will a foreigner respect/trust them if they will not live in the same boundaries of those they invest into; how can they possibly trust one who has a double standard or will not leave behind the household they would not invest into? In the nation that God granted the right to pursue happiness and reap their labors, namely the USA: will those who gained advantage use the very freedom that gave them opportunity invest into eliminating that freedom and opportunity; that is what Homeland Security(?) is about! It is not natural for one to try to find glory in the demise or selling out of their own nation especially if they still live there and are citizens, but it is spiritual. A source of wisdom will abandon those who will not labor for interest within the kingdom they would live in, and eventually an intelligence will turn on them to eliminate their standard of freedom.

General Motors plans to invest $450 million to expand its Rosario Automotive Complex in Argentina, the automaker's CEO Dan Akerson announced on Wednesday. The investment, which will be made between 2013 and 2015, is in an effort to build an all-new global Chevy vehicle at the facility for the local and export markets.
(Luft,A.. Oct.2012. GM to invest $450 million on Argentina manufacturing to build all-new global Chevy model. Retrieved on 10 October 2012 from

Intel [United States company] had to convince BUSICOM [Japanese company] that it was worth their while to invest in a new chip instead of the more basic design their engineers had devised. Instead of an –– albeit complicated –– circuit, this chip was to be an entire mini-computer unto itself. Hoff designed the chip, and engineer Frederico Faggin set about building the design into a workable product. But BUSICOM started to get impatient –– the ideas were risky and development was taking too long. But Intel knew it had a winner. They offered to return the entire $40,000 investment to BUSICOM, thus putting the Japanese company at ease, and gaining ownership of the new chip for itself.
( 1971. Invention of the microprocessor. Retrieved on 10 October 2012 from

The parts for commercial airliners such as the Boeing 727 and 737 were once manufactured almost exclusively in the United States. But the parts on today's big jets, such as Boeing's 777 and its planned 787, are made in such countries as China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, France and Australia, largely because they are cheaper.
But the bargain-hunting has come at a price, according to a new report by the Transportation Department's inspector general. The report cited four engine failures in 2003 –– three on the ground, one in flight –– that were traced to "unapproved design changes made by a … supplier."
(Martin, KD.. March 2008. The New Boeing Dreamliner – Made In China. Retrieved on 28 October 2012 from

Trading products internationally is not necessarily evil, depending on the products, but I want to note that a split interest will eventually lead to a loss of a desire or a conspiracy. When a person sets up their business and/or produces products behind a boundary in which they would not live in, there is always evil and betrayal because of a lack of true interest and a corrupted or coveting desire for another's treasure or labor. A person must lose their life and prove their love with their labor for someone's heavenly dream to come true, but when a person's sacrifice is for an alien unshared value they are their own enemy because they forfeit the covering, resources, and assets they gained from their former freedom. Those who think freedom is about serving who ever offers the most money will prostitute for the greatest comfort in death and will be slaves to a stranger because they do not care to share anyone's intimate desires to know a dream based on a living reality; their knowledge or technology will be used against them because they are double-crossing with any authority.

         Those that are not loyal are an insult to intelligent beings and although they had gained knowledge through an inspiration the untrue are abandoned from the great glory that was trying to woo them and wisdom is hid from them, so that the very knowledge they had will be used to take away their inheritance, source of freedom, and their children will be aborted and any remnant enslaved!   Hypocrites, and those who denigrate the untainted or sincere blood that was shed to set them free from the world so a heavenly dream could come true, will wish they never had knowledge {and technology} because the Judge of heaven and earth will take it away and give it to an intelligence that will use it for their demise –it is not natural. It's a real jealousy from Heaven! Not a jealousy to covet what is outside of his sanctified boundary but to demonstrate in the world how he values the frailty of his heart, the works of his uncorrupted Living Word, that demonstrated a foretaste of how his promise is certain because the Creator's Son, his Living Word [King of kings] does have the authority to give an everlasting and exciting inheritance to his true friends and with the Father's promise of a new world. There is no government for the people apart from YahShua Moshiach [Jesus Christ], the USA is an example to the Gentiles. And the Living God does not give a blessing so it can be used to promote another's demise, but a person's life {or death} is found in whose never ending desire one chooses to invest their strength into — the blessing can become a curse when one disregards a boundary to a heavenly vulnerability and a sacred, personal, and true sacrifice for friendship. Those that continue and remain unfaithful in heart; the unreal, and untrue will eventually fall in love with death, or think that death will save them –as if that definition was possible {nirvana}. In reality if one looks forward to death nothing can save them – they are not looking for salvation or a greater trust for a GLORIOUS and heavenly dream to come into reality, one gladly worth the best of their labor.

         People promote a love for death and then seem to be looking to blame someone for death in the world; it's the greatest marketing strategy for war and insurance. When people take advantage of another during a vulnerable moment to steal some kind of worth or treasure, they also expose their own nakedness, and if the offence can't be reconciled it has to be paid for with their life. The problem of blame spreads when boundaries are not honored, because respecting boundaries is the only way for some kind of trust to be possible. If one will not labor to find true trust or love within their chosen boundary, then one will most likely go for money or power and respect no one's boundary because of their lust. People lust when they are not after true friendship, or when all they get is promising empty words; no shared dream worth each other's sincere personal sacrifices to sanctify the relationship, because trust can only be truly established through a real heavenly glory. But when people decide to take the place of God, intelligence turns on them and they promote their own demise, and there is a confusion of identity. They will also turn on each other in a day of trouble.

Knowing the price of a real interest; before a vulnerable intimate sacred desire is revealed

         Almost everyone thinks they are good until they step into a real glory. And almost everybody is trying to do a good thing when they cross a boundary in a relationship, but then they either corrupt it or are corrupted by it because one cannot recognize a greater law at work when one is prone to self-flattery and self-accomplishment, nor can a real value and trust be established. Love is more than one's good intentions, and an interest has a return; which is why interests are spelled out in contracts so there is no misconception of what is treasured, and signed because one will pay the price for their interest, whether joyfully or not.
        A freedom can only happen when one acknowledges a greater force or glory much grander than human beings is at work, and they eagerly ask to have their heart taken into its possession because of a shared intimately known heavenly interest with a realization that boundaries were established by a supreme intelligence from heaven to protect unique values to identities, so true interest can be realized. There are real treasures that can be gained for a glory in death, and real treasures that can be gained for a glory in life, but they are different and only one of them is true riches. But both kinds of treasures are only fully accessed through sharing real and common interests that reveals a door {invited to freely come into a sacred boundary} to enable valued assets and a heaven born power that facilitates the fulfillment of each other's known desires through an unsullied or purified intimate sacred trust that will be bound forever by the Supreme Judge of the heavens and earth. In other words the deep intimate vulnerable treasures and interests require a trust that is forever – one's life is required. This authority comes through metaphysical powers; it transcends from the judge in heaven according to a proven interest and chosen national standard {lawfully defined boundaries} or covenant {God or a god}. Will the glory put out one's life or empower it to express an interest with total freedom?

It can't be stressed enough that a person should know who or what has a hold of their desires because it is just as wicked to give away a treasure as it is to conspire or steal it from another – it makes them hate their own kind! If a person gives away what they highly treasure to one who doesn't really value their sacrifice they can only blame them self, and they have not only done a wicked thing to themselves but they probably have dishonored the one who provided it for them. One cannot make a true friend or bless a stranger unless one values boundaries to personal treasures because even their enemy will not respect them if they give away something sacred, or open their boundary to a player. A person has come to the point where they desire to labor for a glorious interest or they will certainly bankrupt a value.

         One can only be a blessing to their possible enemies and even to their friends if they feed them when they are truly hungry not just in their flesh, but mainly because there is also a deep hunger within their spirit. This requires one not to cross or infiltrate a vulnerable boundary for one's own glory, but to know and trust one's Father in heaven, and to intercede – make a way! To share an interest with trust is to make a sacrifice that pleases one's Father in heaven and makes a way for a light to potentially enable another, and reveals a door. Only God knows a ready heart, and can open a door to reveal a life giving glory to whom and when it will please him! A person who really intimately knows their active Lord {God the Father's joy and glory deposited in the world: his Living Word } is always ultimately provided for and sheltered. And although one will be tested through trouble, one has to value his interest, dream, and their common Father's desire, to be covered in a binding friendship. A person cannot truly value even their own labor if they do not seek out to understand and know God their Father who gives them life — so they might hunger and labor to find a real precious treasure that is glorious for a desire to be satisfied and a dream to give birth, and that it was meant just for them when they were truly ready for it –it is pure. And if they do adopt God as their Father because they love his interest and works {his incorruptible Living Word, his unique Holy Spirit guided human child, the cherished Son of Man as their chosen Lord} then those one co-labors with will be blessed because a secure boundary was honored. And maybe even one's nation because a desire was stirred in heaven if a clean sacrifice was shared in and made for something real that satisfies a heavenly desire – enabling a Living Glory that does give a return on interest and ransoms and hears his true children's petitions. But also keeps the door closed to a thief who does not respect his most vulnerable labors and purified treasure – it is most holy! A boundary is secured for an everlasting kingdom and a freedom joyfully worth one's labor, which can turn an enemy into a friend when won over to a a real trust, or at least get his respect because of a true value sheltered in a honorable and powerful glory.

A person who knows they were born to be part of a dream coming true, are the only ones who can rejoice at their birthday and go through some trouble on an adventure to find something treasured. But a person who intimately knows the intelligence who conceived and desired them will spend the deepest part of their strength promoting an everlasting exciting kingdom, and will be reborn in their Father's glory and come out of the womb into a new world. Does a person care who is providing for them, does a person care to know the father they adopted when they were really inspired by a real living interest? The Father's desire is for his mature children ultimately to drink from a spiritual cup to experience the taste of a living desire which will get one in trouble because of envy and jealousy, to test one for glorious riches. Was the spirit a connection from your Father in heaven? DO YOU KNOW YOUR DADDY or is ignorance bliss to be innocent among the dead?

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