Interests and Enlightenment: How an Atmosphere is Perceived and Nurtured

Everything we use on this planet comes from the planet, and all energy recycles – energy cannot be created or destroyed and only changes forms. It is true that some substances are potentially toxic to certain creatures but not to others, such as carbon dioxide. The plants thrive on CO2 but it is poisonous for an animal's respiratory system, but one converts another's waste into something beneficial for the other. Even radioactive elements were made through a reaction in nature and are only toxic when concentrated in an area. To get to the point, elements are not added or subtracted from the earth; they are only recombined and then broken down in digestion or decay. And of course the more a molecule is broken down the more flexible it is for nature to recombine it in its predisposition towards life, at least that's how it is on earth. A thorough breakdown would be the best thing to do with materials synthesized by man that had no further reuse. Naturally made substances such as paper pose no environmental threat as a plastic might, because nature can use it as it is to some degree and will break it down and recycle it rather quickly. But all elements will recycle on earth given enough time.

illustration of how water recycles

At one time some people were very concerned about Lake Michigan's water line receding. There were various reasons people thought it was happening. But I think most thought Chicago'ns were drinking it dry, so to speak. And it is true that many people are sucking water out of Lake Michigan in various ways, but it returns because they did not remove any water from the earth. One could speculate scientifically that the amount it is receded is equal to the amount being held back on a daily basis for drinking, industry, and whatever, but it gets recycled after some sanitizing, and there are also the rivers that dump back into it. And most definitely there are some other influences on a lake that size, but my point is we cannot deplete the amount of water in the earth. We may cycle water thru our bodies first, and slow it from returning while we use it for other various uses, but we cannot ever deplete it! We can't add or subtract from the water or oxygen in the earth, although on a miniscule scale we do pull a little out of circulation while we use it. Everything that comes from the earth goes back to the earth, including the very bodies we live in.

Also, all of our physical energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. The amount we use is miniscule to the amount it emits. As long as we have the sun, we have an over abundance of natural energy. However, man has had a hard time capturing this energy. But vegetation thrives from the energy from the sun because it is designed to use the suns otherwise destructive energy to put molecules together and stores some of the energy in what we call sugars. The earth is filled with captured and stored energy [potential energy]. Almost everything on earth is flammable. And either directly or indirectly the vast majority of creatures are fueled only because of one molecule called chlorophyll, which is found in plants. Plants thrive from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And if you own a greenhouse it is pretty obvious that green and warmth go together. If energy is not used: absorbed and released doing something productive it will burn destructively anyway, so what is not being interpreted right about the environment and why? People have to get worth from somewhere but can people save or even destroy earth's ability to promote life in a scientific sense? And are people affecting the weather in a scientific sense, or is another force at work?

Isaiah 45:18 says a great intelligence is at work from an unseen dimension that created the earth for a purpose, and only God can save or destroy the earth:

For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it; he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord, and there is none else. (KJV)

YahShua Moshiach said this about one who gained wisdom in Matthew 7:24-27;

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on a rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on a rock.
But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rains came down, the streams arose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash. (NIV)

The Past was Mostly Subtropical on Earth

The earth is designed for life and was much richer in the past before a catastrophe which brought about the ice age. There were giant animals and plants in the past which could never survive in today's environment. By the way, if one investigates they will find Wooly Mammoths are not arctic creatures; they need tons of vegetation to eat. Anyway, a catastrophe threw the earth out of balance and eventually caused many animals to go extinct because a paradise like climate ended. With this in mind it is hardly reasonable to think that if the world were warming that it would be detrimental to life. Even though there probably always was ice at high altitudes there is evidence of a much milder arctic circle at one time. I don't believe the world will ever recover to the way it was, at least not in this age because the damage is done. But there is overwhelming evidence the past experienced a world that was mostly tropical to subtropical. And some of the elements along with some stored energy were pulled out of circulation because of a global disaster.

Sarah Cooke (2002) of the Associated Press (AP), reported an ancient tropical rainforest was discovered in Castle Rock, Colorado, which baffled scientists, The ancient rainforest was more vibrant than some tropical locations today. The scientists also said,

The fossils of more than 100 kinds of towering conifer trees, huge ferns and blooming flowers challenge scientists' long-held assumption that a desolate Earth took about 10 million years to recover from the catastrophe and sprouted only a few dreary plant varieties for a long time. …Some of the tree fossils measure 6 feet in diameter. [emphasis mine]
(Chicago Sun-Times, 28 June 2002, p. W45)

There is evidence of subtropical forests up and into the arctic circles. They even find dinosaur fossils in Antarctica. Fossil fuel [coal and oil] itself is evidence of lush environments that were buried in a disaster. Under the proper conditions, peat is the earliest stage in the formation of coal. Peat formed in very wet conditions accumulates considerably faster, and is less decomposed, than that in drier places ( retrieved from en.wikipedia. org/wiki/peat on March 2012). Peat is partially decomposed vegetation; which is mostly formed in wetlands, and is usually associated with subtropical environment. In standing water the peat accumulates by settling to the bottom giving it the possibility to be thick enough to form a coal seam. It will form a coal seam if later covered by sediment with enough pressure and heat to steam out and displace the water that was initially needed to produce it. The coaling process can only begin when under about half mile sediment. But the more useful and commonly used coal, which is termed as bituminous coal, takes a much greater covering of sediment to produce it. The normal geothermal gradient will produce bituminous coals at burial depths between 8,500 and 20,000 feet, according to Western Oregon University (retrieved from www.wou. edu/las/physci/GS361/Fossil%20fuels/Coal.htm, in March 2012). That's about two miles plus of sediment on top of vegetation – which also indicates mass was relocated or displaced from another location to cover the peat, most probable through the repercussions of a catastrophic event that was global. So fossil fuel mostly represents rich vegetation deposits, and some coal and oil deposits are found where there are no subtropical environments today.

Amongst the ancient environments that were buried amber is also sometimes found. Amber is pitch [type of varnish] or sap that comes from conifer trees. Amber mines are all over the world, amber used to be mined as a precious gem. There is also amber in the Arctic Circle, a popular site is at Axel Heiburg Island ( Anderson & LePage, 1995). There are no trees growing there today, so something was different in the past. What is just as interesting is what they find in the amber. The most common things they find are the insects, mosquitoes, flies, and sometimes bees. One of the most controversial finds in amber revolves around a stingless bee that was found in New Jersey amber; a Cretaceous deposit (90 million yrs. old [?] ). Some scientists remained skeptical about the find because this was before flowering plants were supposed to have existed. Later they found in New Jersey, in the same deposit, although not in the amber itself but in the clay, a perfectly preserved … stunning array of 90-million-year-old flowers (Grimaldi , 1996, p.28-30). In amazement Grimaldi explains,

Many of the flowers are from plants surprisingly advanced evolutionarily, belonging to tropical families and other groups, which may explain such an advanced bee in New Jersey amber. …We are gradually learning that the New Jersey bee is not anomalously old: the Cretaceous is anomalously young. [emphasis mine]
(Grimaldi, D., 1996, Amber, Window to the Past, p.30, American Museum of Natural History, New York a times mirror company; Harry N. Abrams, incorporated).

A tropical rainforest has also been unearthed in Illinois where The climate was ever wet, hot, and humid (National Geographic as cited by Eric Hand, retrieved from Not only do we see that tropical forests were in Illinois and New Jersey, but layers of sediment such as the Cretaceous that have been thought of to be old are being realized to be a lot younger.

While on a mission in Antarctica where there are no trees, Roff Smith (2001) mentions, as he contemplates some petrified tree bark, that there was a time when Antarctica was a wilderness of forests, tundra, and marsh… (p.20). Because there is evidence in Antarctica of subtropical forest some people speculate that this continent moved to the South Pole, but this argument doesn't seem to hold up to what they found. In his interview with Rosemary Askin they wrestle with that idea, Askin says to Smith;

When this was growing, Antarctica was about as far south as it is today, Askin continued, You can see from the rings that the tree stopped growing during the long months of winter darkness, then grew extremely fast when the sun reappeared in summer.
(Smith, R., 2001, Antarctica, National Geographic, December, Vol. 200, No.6, p.20)

There was a catastrophe in the past, a shift of landmass with massive sediment relocation, and a major climate change that followed. And to some degree the world seems to be still trying to recover. In the ancient book of Isaiah, which is also a part of history, gives witness to a passed and pending trauma on earth;

Isaiah 24: 18-20
The floodgates of the heavens are opened, the foundations of the earth shake.
The earth is broken up, the earth is split asunder, the earth is thoroughly shaken.
The earth reels like a drunkard, it sways like a hut in the wind;

So we have evidence in the past that the earth was much more temperate and lush. We also have noted that the elements are not added or subtracted from the earth, although it is obvious that some of it was pulled out of circulation and stored in the form of fossil fuel, buried in a catastrophe. But did the absence of CO2 cause the ice age or was the climate change the result of a catastrophe? Carbon is what all living things are made from, and carbon dioxide is essential for separate life cycles to supplement each other. The waste from one form of life is life support to a different form of life. The more carbon and oxygen there is available the easier it is for plant and animal life to thrive; life on earth is designed to balance itself out.

         There really is no scientific evidence to back up the claim CO2 is a warming agent. Carbon dioxide gets absorbed into living things; all living things are made of it, and that's a lot of absorption when you think about all the life forms. But there is more convincing theory that methane clathrate is a greenhouse gas with atmospheric insulating properties, and methane is produced mainly in the tropics by rotting vegetation. So as an example of how life is designed to balance itself out, it seems dense vegetation does promote the warmth it likes to thrive in.
         But let's assume carbon dioxide causes the ice to melt: The less ice, the more plants grow because of less ice, absorbing the same carbon dioxide that was in the fossil fuel that just was burned or released into the atmosphere that was supposedly melting the ice; causing it to balance out by removing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the form of new plant life. The new plants absorb the carbon, but release the oxygen part of the carbon dioxide. That produces more oxygen in the atmosphere, which may enrich the environment for animals, and animals absorb the carbon part of carbon dioxide by eating the plants. Animals, through breathing, do return a portion of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere which cycles back again to the plants as they use each other's waste. But their bodies, just like the plants, take carbon out of circulation because animals and plants are all made of carbon. Technically, this would make a ratio of more oxygen available. As cited by the United States Geological Survey (n.d.) air bubbels in amber were analyzed and contained nearly 35 percent oxygen compared to present levels of 21 percent (retrieved from in March 2012). So we see that carbon dioxide promotes life as long as it is thoroughly broken down into its raw form. Is that a problem? Fossil fuel: that is oil is a hazard to many creatures when it remains crude oil in the form of tar pits . So man has not only found a use for oil, but also through the process of burning we take a potentially dangerous substance to nature that can express itself in the form of tar pits, and break it down into a easier to recycle molecule of carbon dioxide which is usable and beneficial to life, where crude oil is not! What would happen if an earthquake were to release an under earth oil reservoir and dumped billions of gallons into the sea or even on land by a natural disaster?

There is no proof or experiment that shows the extra amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is sufficient to cause a green house effect anyway, its only speculation not science. Thirty five years ago many blamed carbon dioxide, in the form of smog, as blocking out the suns heat. This helped facilitate restrictions on oil drilling in the U.S. and also the speed limit was dropped to 55mph and gas prices doubled, because of the fear of possibly bringing about an ice age. This was mostly because there was a cooling trend between 1930s - 1970s. This report came from National Science Board as cited by The New American magazine:

The November 1976 National Geographic story quoted the U.S. National Science Board as reporting in 1974: "During the last 20 to 30 years, world temperature has fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade." It also quoted the National Science Board as forecasting two years earlier: "Judging from the record of past interglacial ages, the present time of high temperatures should be drawing to an end…leading into the next glacial age…"
(National Geographic, 1976, as cited by The New American, Oct.18, 2004, p31)

Carbon dioxide has not been proven to have any warming or cooling properties as an insulator; either to hold in heat or block it out. But we do know the tropics produce methane which might help warm the earth, but there are many more contributors to the earth's climate than elements in the atmosphere, such as the tilt of the earth and the activity of the sun, and possibly some reaction between the sun and the strength of the earth's magnetic field. As far as we have recorded any weather history there is evidence that the earth has pulsed back and forth with warm and cold trends, one such period is referred to as the Little Ice Age. In reality people do not have power or control over the weather, and it was always referred to as an act of God. Though, I would really like to particularly point out that green and warmth go hand in hand, and that maybe somehow our perceptions have been darkened by something? Some have abandoned definition altogether, and are so darkened that if there would be a glacier advance they would say it was the result of global warming! Theories are fundamentally religious, or based on a prejudice or belief that can have a tendency to reject observable evidence. This is important to understand because there is a relationship between wisdom and intelligence, which is related to something metaphysical and a way to obtain a certain kind of worth. So then just for surety let's see if there is any evidence that the latest weather is restraining life on the planet to begin with?

What are the results of our current climate condition? Is it bad, indifferent, or beneficial? Are bears, coyotes, deer, birds, plants fading away? In the mid 1900's, according to some in the media , the USA was going to have to feed the world, yet now half the produce is imported along with almost all the manufacturing. While bigger restrictions are being put on the rights to own and inhabit land or use natural resources, to save the planet, in many places in the world animal populations are starting to go out of control.

Not only is there reasonable proof that human activity has no direct effect on the weather, but there heated debate that global warming is really even happening. Because while some parts of the world are experiencing warmer than usual temperatures, such as the Midwestern United States in the winter of 2011-2012, other parts are experiencing colder than usual temperatures.
        The National Post reports, Cold weather kills more than 220 in Europe (February 3, 2012, retrieved from:
         And again, European cold snap death toll surpasses 300, an article from The Telegraph (February 5, 2012, retrieved from: ).

And because people like to demean and overpower the objects of their interests so they can feel like a god, to feel they have authority over the earth's destiny by keeping others from enjoying or harvesting natural resources, the experts are smart enough to now label any atmosphere change Climate Change because they themselves have no knowledge they can demonstrate in a practical experimental model, and this way they will look smart either way. And the past has proven that people like to blame and wipe each other out for some kind of glory in death, so I guess some figure you might as well market it and make a profit from it? But what force is it in the atmosphere that really has a hold of one's interest and enflames a desire! Because a true naturalist knows those born into death can never save the earth. But in a religous sense, a certain kind of trust has to be proved as true or false for a new world and government/authority. And I would like to point out that the real interest becomes more evident when trouble tests it and God himself is going to make a judgment towards those who claimed to know his Living Word –his Son.

Stormy Weather

         Scientifically, a person has to understand that the greater the temperature difference between hot and cold fronts the more violent the reaction when the wind fronts collide, which is favorable to the rise of tornadoes and the formation of hurricanes. Also if the atmosphere around the poles were warming there would be a tendency toward less violent storms, because there would be less temperature difference between hot and cold fronts. What is really ironic is that there are some ice shelves that are melting, but the melt is not coming from the atmosphere. There is one more heat source we haven't covered that is generated by stress in the earth's crust or plates that sometimes give way and express themselves in the form of earth quakes. And the most visible evidence is – you guessed it – volcanoes! Where there are volcanoes there is obviously heat which sometimes branches out underground and vents in the form of geysers or what is called mud volcanoes. Also, out of sight and deep under the oceans usually near active or semi-active volcanoes, heat is released in the form of hot water vents referred to as black smokers.

Water heated as high as 750°F by magma from earth's interior billows from a sea floor chimney. The surrounding ocean is just a few degrees above freezing. When the two fluids meet, iron sulfide precipitates, giving the "black smoker" its color.
(Deep Sea Vents, National Geographic, Nov. 2000, p.118)

Some have blamed man or carbon dioxide under the guise of global warming to explain why Larson's Ice shelf was melting in Antarctica. But what is being over looked is that there are several semi-active volcanoes dotted on one side of the continent, Mount Erebus being the most famous. There is even a hot springs in the area referred to as Deception Island, which is off the coast of Antarctica. But the heat is not uniform:

Though scientists worry about Antarctica's warming climate, the change is not uniform. Near Cape Crozier the Ross Ice Shelf has grown several miles in the past two decades, creating a sheltered cove of sea ice for the Emperor penguin.
(Antarctica, National Geographic, Vol.200, No.6, Dec. 2001, p.7)

Iceland geothermal hot springs
Fig.16                The Blue Lagoon: a geothermal bath resort in Iceland.                               © Robert Rozbora

So we begin to realize that there are forces at work that are not being perceived for some reason. Hurricanes feed from hot water or moisture coming up from the oceans, not carbon dioxide. Geothermal baths or hot springs are the results of extraordinary heat derived from stress under the earth, and are usually in the vicinity of a semi-active volcano. Greenland and Iceland are both subject to hot water vents and hot springs. Iceland, which is a not too distant neighbor of Greenland, experiences volcanic activity. Eyjafjallajokull Volcano is the most famous because of a very recent eruption in Iceland. So why are hot water vents being overlooked as a heat source and human activity being blamed for the weather, climate, or more specifically the ice melt?

Laboring for Real Interest and Being Enlightened – the war of heart and mind

People seem to be looking to blame someone for death in the world, and in their hostility they will actually promote it. Where does this hostility come from? It has been said that a person must do at least two things in this world – he must pay taxes and die. And a sacrifice must be made but most never ask to whom do they have to pay taxes and for what purpose? Paying taxes presupposes to protect a common interest within a boundary because there are outside interests which may be contrary toward seeing an inspired dream give birth into reality. Regardless, someone has to pay and go through trouble for a dream to give birth; either to willingly or unwillingly sacrifice the best part of their labors within a boundary, or to cross a boundary and sacrifice the best of another's labors. It depends if the dream is valued and from the right intelligence – if it really is from heaven.

Everyone who gets out of bed and labors is laboring for someone's dream to come true, even if they deny participating to remain innocent among the dead. If one doesn't labor for anything or anyone real it only makes sense that truth is shut out to keep reality a mystery, because otherwise one would have to admit their life was an unfulfilled dream. But one will find the hostility begins when there is no return of true interest and it's time to pay for someone's dream to give birth – especially if they never deliberately participated and just labored to watch for entertainment. Even if one does not want to admit it, we are all guilty of laboring and sharing in someone's interests —it's the blessing and the curse that attempts to bring one into a reality! When the credit lender comes and demands what is due him, it is either the end of the world for those who have no return of true interest or the beginning of a new world for those who got a real return on their interest. And an argument ensues if what is coming true is from heaven and/or based on a trust [scientific theory] that is in line with the purpose of how nature is designed to work.

Being Taxed ?

And the reason that moral, scientific, and religious argument exists is because a person's interests can affect how they interpret a reality, which will lead to endless war if not proved true within an untainted boundary first. Interest has to be proved as genuine, and scientific theory has to be tested in a controlled environment –to discover the forces and variables at work because the world is subjected to misperception, mimicry, and corruption. And some kind of glory is being sought out to maintain some kind of worth in one's vulnerability; either in a reality or in an illusion. It's the general reason one has to give their life away and be taxed — to prove an interest and trust that ultimately will be sealed in blood and for a time until a new world is born into a glory. We have a certain amount of time to be sure and search out if we are laboring for the right kind of interest, and it is going to cost us a valued part of our energy either way! So what part of life, science, or reality is it that really taxes us? Because we now have disclosed that interest is tied to taxes. But how does interest work in the natural world or within human nature?

We do live in a world where illusion can blur our senses and there is an interest that is false or not real –just free money to eat and lay down to avoid all reality for a dream that will not come true; to dream forever. One who is looking for an outward benefit and wants to avoid going thru some pain can fall into this trap; in pretense they invest in someone who made a sacrifice and whose labors are bearing fruit because their dream is based on a reality, not because they share the same interest but only so they can feed from them, eat, and lay down in comfort –but this really is no interest at all and is ritualistic of a marriage with the dead. But Real and shared interests/desires is where the metaphysical and the physical meet and can join each other because true interest is based on laboring for a dream to come true based on a reality. And it is a reality that taxes us because of a REAL interest for a dream to come true!

NOTE: scientifically a man has no glory of his own, humans are machines made of dirt. Although he is a work of art, he is not self-created {no being is}, and as living dirt machines people are here today and gone tomorrow, so they have no legacy of themselves, that is his/her doings are not remembered as eternal glorious works in time. It's what programs people that is the real legacy, and the program or programmer goes on for many, many generations. What programs a person is metaphysical and you can say the programmer is transcendent {crosses unseen dimensions} this is the one who obtains the glory. And the programmer is not necessarily the creator because of a freewill to choose a trust. And a human being has no authority or wisdom of themselves to rule or teach another. So a man only gets credited for his interest, for his interest in the program of his hidden programmer, not really in who he is or what he does, but who he trusts in to have access to his desires –the authority he feeds from. Until one is conscious of this he/she really is a slave to a secret intelligence! This is purely metaphysical and scientifically real, but an intangible reality. It effects the physical world and the governments of human beings because of a promised glory.

So taxing was accepted because a person will have to become vulnerable in a reality because of the intelligent force behind it, and there is another intelligent force with another reality that will bring some REAL trouble and pain to test or judge a people's interest in an attempt to make us get real about our interest and the source of our metaphysical inspirations. So we are emotionally and physically taxed because of an inspired interest from a higher intelligence that wants to manifest its glory in the midst of an opposing reality and intelligence. Therefore we must pay for a boundary/standard to be put around the vulnerable labor of our inspired love/trust so it can express itself freely and get a return on the REAL interest, so a Glory gets its true credit and is realized by its true subjects/students/disciples/ children. So is our labor for an interest that enslaves for a free gift or toward freedom to express {labor for} a true interest so that a higher Glory will over shadow us? Are we taxed by an interest in a glory of life or the glory of death?

Functions of interest

         A man is designed and physically endowed to build a physical shelter; houses, cities, and invent mechanical marvels. No one can take his place because he is unique. But he must be inspired by the love of his life: something from someone that is a special gift from heaven that nurtures his tender side with a deep personal vulnerability that only they can have mutual access to. When there is a genuine reciprocating interest it gives him someone to also nurture that is gladly worth his labor. Under these conditions he has a sense of completeness and fulfillment that will strive to promote peace because he is experiencing part of a dream from heaven that is based on a reality. He can build a stronghold and has a natural ability and position to protect, build, and provide physical necessities and conveniences that make life easier for what he treasures, and is enabled for excellent works when he is valued and values who he labors for with a joy. It is also natural for someone who is blessed from heaven to wish everyone could find it— to reach out to those who have some fear of God in them that respect genuine interests, in hopes that they might have a share in this kind of kingdom because they can find trust in their Maker/Father who wants a dream from heaven to come true – the reason they were born. If a person has genuinely tasted an abundant source of satisfaction that gives life to as many as are willing to hunger for it, then a person cannot but help to at least show their lost comrades that are sincere and hungry a door to heaven, because one cannot give away this kind of treasure –it's an entrustment from heaven! We are made for all kinds of true and real friendships and to be a part of a kingdom that is full of life, but there has been a corruption and another desire.

If a man is not enabled to build he can be enabled to destroy: he may try to demoralize another by attempting to destroy a covering and a physical boundary out of envy, so he can keep his pride in death and no one near him outshines him, either within his destitution or by exposing his destitution.

YahShua's [ Jesus] disciples left those who were content with worth in death to find a greater comfort— a dream from heaven that could bring forth into reality;

Luke 18: 28-29

Peter said to him, “We have left all we had to follow you!”
Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come, eternal life.” (NIV)

Of course YahShua Moshiach was not speaking of abandoning someone who is physically helpless and depends solely on you, but about leaving behind complacency, comfort in just eating and sleeping, and an environment that strives to keep one down and to keep one's company captive to identify with its misery, self-affliction, and love for the blues. YahShua wanted his disciples to leave behind worth in a perishing life in order to share in a greater glory. In other words to be separated, cleansed from darkness and limited short term interests, in preparation to share in a great intimate desire from the Living God and a glory from heaven. Then after a real test and an "I do," an anointing with a Holy Fire from heaven so a metaphysical reality can be experienced. The purpose of which is for one who is transformed, regenerated and empowered, to bring and spread this life to those who are hungry for the love of their life but can't find their way and are in disbelief, and for them to discover true friendship –with a taste of heaven on earth so true trust can be established with a joy. Then to them who received the one who is genuinely sent, a door is revealed to a hidden intelligence within a boundary that is valued, and only entered by a real and pleasing shared/returned personal sacrifice. Everyone who sanctifies themselves can receive a special gift from heaven by honoring its standard because inside is a much greater glory than what is sacrificed. The sacrifice is real sacrifice, but for an intimacy with a greater intelligence that will bring a dream from heaven into reality, and impart wisdom through an intimate friendship so one can avoid corrupted interests and be cleansed from seductive illusions and see how their life is purposed for a reality. Reality is how life intended for one to wake up to see a shared dream come true to the glory of the Father who gave them life. Intelligence has no purpose among the dead; its only glory is for a dream to come true that will last forever with real interest.

         A woman is designed and endowed to beautify, decorate, build up and liven the inside of her shelter, house, or city when her nakedness/vulnerability is covered for and with someone special that is a real gift from heaven. When she has value as part of a entrustment, he will physically shelter her well being promoting security: he is capable of strenuous labor to bring forth food and physical substances into reality so she can shine with worth in her purpose because she is covered, not because he has too but because she is an entrustment from their Creator who wants a dream from heaven to give birth. She is weaker in physical strength but has an important natural ability to give meaning, bring forth an inner strength, and nurture the healing of inward wounds along with her physical detailing abilities to create and invent ways to make the inside of a shelter comfortable, cozier and more efficient. She can bring out a great value to the tender side of intimate friendship and the fruits of her affection, experiencing part of a dream that is based on a reality. She is equipped to strengthen and multiply children with her intimate access to the shared but covered vulnerabilities, an emotional value from within that is worth the physical strength and passion of all within her domain to protect with their blood. Indeed a blessed kingdom can come from her sensitivity when when she is desired and her physical vulnerability is covered and nurtured. When she values the one's God entrusted her with, a destiny is brought into light: a true interest reciprocated from a marriage/trust/covenant from heaven that through some pain and sweat will bear some sweet fruit; maturing in time and bring deep satisfaction because part of a dream that would have been inconceivable otherwise came true and with a delightful surprise. When she receives value that is from heaven she is enabled to foresee a piece of the future through spiritual intimacy, promote, nurture, and partake in a great destiny. No one can take her place because she is designed uniquely and equipped to garnish the inside of a shelter and to nuture a dream that will give birth in time.
She is a mother to nations !

If her physical vulnerability is exposed she can be enabled to poison the inside of a boundary by using an intimate access to disable inner security in an attempt for a glory: expose other's inner vulnerabilities; harden, enslave, or sacrifice her children to gain access to diminish any notable boundary to keep her pride in death – no one outshined her with a special physical covering because through a feigned intimate connection she exposed the vulnerability and nakedness of others and disabled them of inner strength and brought down their boundaries from the inside –with shame she can rob or tarnish another of any special value unless their entrustment really is sacred and sanctified with their deeply valued treasure kept in heaven. But otherwise she will declare herself a queen from heaven when her children or subjects are fatherless and cannot build or maintain anything glorious because they are naked and weakened in her nakedness. But whose dream was conceived in her? Who can she enable with a special intimate connection if her vulnerability is not treasured and covered with the strength of a sanctified living and fulfilling unique entrustment from heaven?

When it is God that really brought a covenanted marriage together each spouse will have a share to invest into a dream from heaven. And when they honor their Father, the one who gave them life and is their life source, they will prosper because of a unique part they will fulfill but for a common and predetermined destiny based on trust that was ordained in heaven. Each person is designed for a unique purpose that only shines with value when combined with another who has a complimentary unique and different purpose that is a real treasure to accomplish a shared and highly valued common destiny. Part of the excitement that bears witness that one is on their way to a glorious destiny is the uniqueness in; a friend, other creatures, and the assortment of environments —it makes discovery, DISCOVERY!  And because one has attributes and voids that have to be filled by another's attributes, being specialized humbles one because of other specialized needs one is not specialized in, but also adds value to every individual. But for this value to shine or come into a reality, friendship has to find a way to be true enough for each to offer some of the honorable sweet fruit of their unique attribute, to cover and compliment another in their unique purpose. When one is not about taking advantage but about enabling true value in another, deep friendship can evolve if one knows and respects their boundaries. If intimate friendship is achieved it causes both the giver and receiver to shine with unique but shared value because they labor for a real interest.

Darkness over the atmosphere and the perception of realities

Sometimes, when one sees the beauty, strength, or a value in another and they have somehow been demeaned in their own potential value or natural identity, they will cross a natural boundary in an attempt to cover themselves. Instead of enjoying and harmonizing with another person or even a creature's place to compliment their own place, they will try to gain the value of another by trying to be like them, by trying to take their place or identity. This causes frustration, confusion, and leads to a perversion which ultimately will promote mistrust and mocks how reality was intended. And if that one continues on this unnatural course, one will end up trying to hide them self forever because they really only mocked themselves by rejecting their own attributes, gifts, and valued place they were naturally intended for. It causes a dysfunction and mimicry of how life is intended and one misses out on the freedom of who they were meant to be, and what only they could have accomplished because one is physically equipped uniquely to fulfill a part of a dream based on reality.

         If one could truly appreciate and see the unique value and awesome variety in the creation one would be on the verge of celebrating what God has done, except for one thing. There is corruption, illusion, and death in all of nature because free will opened a door to test another interest and a boundary was dishonored by a tainted interest –trust was broken in heaven and pain entered into relationships. Now, one has to come to the point of giving away their fading valued life, willingly, to prove an unwavering interest and to be invited behind a sacred boundary that is sanctified as a worthy absolute; a valued shelter that enables a dream to be conceived that can give birth into reality. That is through a intentional blood and sweat sacrifice a boundary to a higher intelligence has respect to share an intimate desire and open a door into an enlightening glory for a reality to manifest in the world. In this glory wisdom is gained for some kind of real treasure that will bring a dream {new world} into reality; if one really will go through some pain for real interest they will get favor/grace from an empowering GLORY to experience having a part in a dream that is based on a reality —a return of interest for the gain of their life. Again there are two competing interests for the life of one who at least values their hard labor, because they are seeking to spend it on some kind of real and lively interest. And although there really is only one intelligence, one Father that gave birth to all intelligence, there is another glory and source of wisdom because there is another side/interpretation to reality due to freewill with a different scheme to fulfill a desire. There is more than one god, more than one kind of interest, and a contrary dream that can become real that is not based on truth! There is an interest that will go through pain, feeding from an intimate connection from heaven to reach a glory that defies death; renews, heals, and refreshes. And there is an interest that feeds from pain and affliction to reach a glory in death– a fantasy based on the empowerment of illusion. In other words there is an interest that is false or untrue that keeps one in a mystery – no true intimate connection but an illusion or a play to gain or feed from another's treasure, labors, or endowment for self-love, self-worship, or legacy.

But those who are after true interest and honor their Father in heaven will not lack anything truly good, and although real sacrifices will be made it will heighten the experience of real joy and friendship. Those will overcome trouble if they honor boundaries, delight in each other's abilities, position, strengths, and cover their co-laborers vulnerabilities in fulfilling a common desire so that a dream from heaven can give birth. When personal boundaries are not valued or reconciled, the children of the next generation are shaken and falter because of an affliction, a lack of covering in their vulnerability. Usually as a consequence they lack a correctly modeled or specialized trade apprenticed to them that utilizes their valuable assets to attract true interest. Without the intercession of the parents the children were entrusted to they may not fulfill their true purpose –the one God had intended for them, and they are the fruit of a coming kingdom and part of a new world.

Everyone has a purpose and a natural strength for that purpose. But people also have a void, weakness, or need that has to be filled to fulfill and enable the purpose they were born for. One can cover for another that is missing or lacking for a time if they have that grace. But one can never take the position, place, or purpose of another. Everyone is unique in a certain respect that can't ever be replaced in a full essence. If we knew the glorious things that could have been, we would truly be humbled by how out of tune or lost we really are in this world. If one won't or cant't take their place there is a dead spot in a family, society, or kingdom. A kingdom may carry on with someone who stood in the gap, and it may be healed, but it will not be the essence it was meant to be in its generation. Although accidents happen there is a reason for everything; it is all a test of true personal interest to see how determined one is for a dream to come true and to experience the metaphysical side of a new world so that trust is sealed as certain. Disillusionment causes those who want to experience a glory or victory in the midst of competing interests, trouble, chaos, and confusion to seek out a higher intelligence because they cannot see the whole picture and faith is required in a controlling force. And again there are two basic dreams and more than on definition of heaven because there are two sides to a boundary, two sides to a reality at work that people feed from to gain wisdom. There are forces that will try to divide a kingdom and bring confusion to positions in authority in order to weaken a boundary and gain another's labors; a contrary interest that will uncover vulnerabilities to overpower a dream in an attempt to lay claim to heaven [redefine it] for entertainment, for the Holy Wood; and an attempt at self interest and a different glory.

Hostility: the unending debt of paying for comfort in death

Envy and jealousy are the most powerful forces in this world and one has to conceal their deep rich personal treasures and value what they have been personally endowed with, or thru seduction, mimicry, or maybe by force value may be stolen or corrupted for a contrary interest. True interest is an interest highly valued for a special entrustment {an asset to sacred treasure} that is worth the best of another's personal investment because it is sheltered – that is one must have their very personal value veiled/covered so that genuine interest can be labored for and realized. Then if genuine trust is evident within a common interest, intimate friendship can begin to grow because one didn't flaunt their assets for power in an attempt to enslave, or lose their assets for the flattery of being good among the dying. Only when one sees another's cherished assets are reserved and spent only toward a greatly valued trust to a genuine, absolute, special, and shared interest can two parties commit the best part of everything valued with some security to come under the same standard, boundary, covering with absolute interest. This is naturally accomplished by both promising their sweat and blood to keep the boundary sacred so a dream can come into reality. Then the vulnerable rich personal assets and deep desires can be reciprocated with freedom under the covering they both value and the cherished children of their inspired dreams and kingdom can be born. Trust is a sacred thing to those who value what or who they labor for and also is a prerequisite to experience a glory from one of the heavens. So an investment has to be made to honor and empower a boundary to protect an interest, a nurtured treasure from within, so a dream can give birth with freedom and bear witness to a reality.

But when there is an interest in what is behind a foreign boundary and there is no intention of changing banners, changing dreams, or taking on someone else's name, you will find it is because those are dying, and in want, and they want someone outside to pay. People who want to remain innocent in death naturally think it's a sin to spend their energy so there is a reliance on cosmetics to gain servitude but there is only a lust because interest is only show and has no depth. So those will have a tendency to look for a reason to blame an alien for trouble and death in the world as a reason to infiltrate another's boundary because the interest is not satisfying and worth the labor among their own, cosmetic friendships drive one into hock. And if they would never change standards, banners, or countries it is because they love or are comfortable feeding from the abuse and pain among their own; they think it's flattering so they can believe they are martyrs even though they do not have anything real to enable worth and a shared interest. If true shared interest was the desire, a person would take a time out and either: seek out reconciliation and eat the bread from heaven that heals and enables a dream to come true; or at least search out if there might be a better covering, standard, trust, or honorable boundary one might labor within. When one is comfortable feeding from abuse and pain one will have no conviction sacrificing their lover's children in war for a foreign interest so one doesn't have to labor or make a personal sacrifice for a shared dream to come true, which means one must take from foreign labors in hopes one might find some comfort in death – but no one wants to pay for comfort in death because it is a rip off !   So they must seek and find some fault in an outside or foreign relationship that has an asset; blame has to be put on another {a secret affair their having with a backdoor interest} in an attempt to justify denigrating a boundary and standard to keep from a reality and too covet another's labors and feed from their energy; another's trust must be broken to justify and to pay for the mystery and an illusion; glory in death –the thief that steals away another's life for a love.

when knowledge is used to make another pay
Fig.20         Canadian demonstrators march to Saint James Park for the Toronto version of Occupy Wall Street, Oct. 15 2011.
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There is a difference between sacrificing one's own life to keep a boundary sacred so a dream from heaven can come into reality, and sacrificing another's life while breaking another's boundary to save one's bankrupt world for a glory in death where a dream is empty of anything real and true. Proving an interest by shedding someone's blood is a defining factor to establish where one is getting their worth. A superior Intelligence is enabled from one side of a boundary in heaven when human blood is shed that is too genius for most to fathom today, but becomes evident when one doesn't get what they deserved, whether good or bad. When this force is right at the door because of proved interest most decide to get religious instead of getting real because they do not care to know intimately whose interest they labor for, or who inspires them as long as they are flattered in death. And there is a master piece conspiracy of a superior intelligence that feeds from hostile corrupted blood to take the whole world for a glory in death. This hostility is metaphysical and made the tax system necessary in an effort to guard and invest in a heavenly interest; an inheritance for some kind of glory within a standard or trust to a hidden superior powerful Intelligence.

Death is always promoted when the interest within a common boundary is about using authority to gain some kind of power to enslave or disable and take advantage of one's lovers ∼ the objects of one's interest in their vulnerability. Those will end up despising their own identity; the name they became one with that identified the trust or boundary that they serve under and within. When one has become vulnerable in a trust, someone will have to pay with their life when the trust {which ultimately requires one's life to be a true and real trust} is not worth one's life labor and there is no return of true interest; it is an unending debt that has no satisfaction. They are being taxed for their own demise, because there really is no true interest reciprocated that is worth one's labor, no valuable products or real assets to offer with interest , no trust, shared desires, and security within this boundary. This might cause some to disrespect all boundaries while trying to find freedom, but they will become what they despise by spreading insecurity, escalating hostility, and inadvertently creating their own terror because they have been afflicted in a darkness and are under the control of illusion —that freedom dishonors all boundaries to find value or take a treasure. Freedom is only possible when there is trust/love with a genuine caring interest. True intimate interest can only adhere through a shared dream from heaven based on a reality that is joyfully worth the best part of one's labor and trouble because vulnerable treasures are covered in a shared and honored boundary. Freedom is not possible if one does not spend the greatest part of their energy reciprocating real interest and trust among those who are in their covenanted boundary, which inspires one to build something real and make life easier to partake in an intimate dream with the love they were entrusted with.

An interest inspired by which intelligence to fulfill a desire; is it heavenly?

When the inside of a boundary has been corrupted there are two options:
1) admit one is already dead or at least death is being promoted and one has been tainted and afflicted by it's hostility; seek out the source of life, your Father who had you in mind before you were conceived – that is seek out God's mercy and ask him to take control and do his own Glorious work which only he can do. Cooperate and honor his uncorrupted Living Word, his authentic Sanctifying Son, which will make one new and defeat death's hostility and authority in time; by the means of receiving/feeding/partaking/sharing in his pleasing, clean, and REAL sacrifice. Of such GREAT value is this shared sacrifice to the Father that interest reciprocates by igniting a real cleansing fire and desire from heaven, and opens a door to a reality and a GLORY that death can't reside in. However the risk does require the total release of one's sanctified life for whatever pleases God but the required trust is not without an active glorious witness.

2) Or one can try to find some comfort or restitution in death by attempting to take the place of God to gain control, by becoming intimate with one of the imaginary gods in this world in hopes to be on top of, or to lord over one's lovers or subjects for self-glory and interest. But people subconsciously despise fools and imitations, and the catch is anyone who despises the objects of their labor despises them self and everyone's nakedness is uncovered for an unknown glory. And then one will do everything necessary to avoid reality, including sacrificing the children they had with their lovers usually in war but also in divorce, and seek to infiltrate a foreigner's vulnerable moment in their affliction to gain satisfaction; an attempt to feel covered by taking control– attempting to become their heavenly authority for an unknown intelligence. And when tempting a foreign interest, if there wasn't a real transformation and a name change, a change of trusts and desires; true interest returned with the adoption of a new standard–banner– identification, someone will have to pay for this reality or nightmare of a dream eventually with their total sanity. No one's blood or life sacrifice will be untainted enough to make their follower's desires sober and sanctify a border; blood only makes them drunk and lust for power because the sacrifice is of illegitimate children for alien unknown interests. No one is faithful and has any real value or interest within their boundary, and their children are sacrificed for an alien dream that is becoming a reality. One labors with never ending burning hostility when they corrupt someone else's dream and deep desires with mingled, contrary, or unreal interests. And although no one wants to pay for an unknown mystery, all those involved labor for a dream that never has true interest — a glory in death!

Man is his only enemy when he gets his intelligence from the wrong kind of glory/trust and an illusion will eventually overtake him to his own deficit or enslavement when knowledge is twisted to denigrate and infiltrate another's boundaries – disable the objects of one's interest to create dependency on a mystery to find comfort in death. Knowledge has to be used to enable a person in their unique abilities and position in life, so that they are independent in their personal identity with a unique value that can have real value in a relationship, particularly when bound in a heavenly Glory {one's general identity [marriage] is found with the one who gave them life –family of God}. With refined real value and trust one is able to provide a unique experience and blessing that enables another to mature and/or bear fruit. Then all in a respected and honored friendship have their unique place to fulfill a dream from heaven which will bring one into a life giving reality –with unique value! Everyone involved made a sacrifice to honor a boundary to a life giving desire. But there is also a perversion of knowledge to promote insecurity and a dependency on a feigned interest which disables the objects of one's labors causing a further desire to reject reality – this false interest is based on a reality that is not real and makes knowledge a curse so that mystery will hold its captives for a darkening Glory. In this condition all suffer because there is no real substance for true friendship with a return of something real, only a struggle to be on top, to become a god over the mystery that feeds from a corrupted love and interest, one's own glory in death. In other words intelligence will betray those who will not labor for a true trust within the boundary/ absolute shelter that the real Living God established; with his name, an evident blessing, and a living witness. And intelligence will abolish those who defiantly try to take the place of God because they dishonored the one who endowed them and gave them life and had reserved a unique part for them in fulfilling a dream that will give birth into reality, but they mocked it without repentance –for the glory of their death.

         Let me make a distinction between wisdom and knowledge before we go on in this investigation and look at what is being demonstrated in the real world. A person is not endowed with wisdom naturally; one must be invited to eat at a table that can fulfill real desires {potential friendship: fellowship}. A person does not gain wisdom until one is inspired by a greater intelligence outside of their self in reality, that deposits something real and lively inside of them – that is until a shared dream excites one and a sincere, clean, heartfelt blood sacrifice is shared in that sanctifies a border and to a heavenly trust for this heavenly dream and desire to come out into reality. Because within this shelter/ trust there is a potential value based on a reality; living riches that are that are refined, polished, and grow through genuine labor, interest, conviction, and nurturing, that will become much greater in value than just food for the belly, or money, and are transformed by a glorious desire that transcends from a heaven. Also while looking at this process one will also discover people cannot get worth from money itself – they may find comfort in death with money temporarily or it may open one's ear but it does not give anyone personal worth, and they may even be robbed of personal value by it. Worth is only realized by someone's real sacrifice in this world for a reciprocated interest that fulfills real desires. Even when a person wants to love themselves they have to make a sacrifice to themselves to really believe it, and that will only take one so far because we are made for intimate friendship {and even for that to be bound it has to be covered by even a greater glory}. But one does have to highly value the toil of their hands: valuing what or who they labor for before a door can open for interest and trust. We are all born with desires, but Love only comes from heaven and there are two general kinds of glory that empower two opposing dreams based on a different side to absolute reality.
        And yes, the potential value really is in the children born from the intelligence, not from gold, but then there is an artificial intelligence for a dream and desire not based on a real and true interest. This is because some kind of intelligence is necessary for a dream and desire to become real even if it is not based on a reality —we are born for the purpose of some kind of greater glory even if we deny it worship – slaves for the bliss of ignorance. But of course the only true worship is for those who are in awe of the glory because they sought out its promises and fell in love with the potential reality it could achieve and they acquired something more than just mechanical or scientific knowledge, they acquired wisdom –the ability to use knowledge to satisfy a shared desire do what normally would be impossible, and taste something glorious. Wisdom can only be acquired by a heavenly intelligence.
        And a love that is reciprocated by a real heavenly glory is where wisdom is obtained that stirs a desire for a living reality or living illusion.
In the old language this was termed enlightenment; a metaphysical connection or relationship that is transcendent from Heaven or Hades depending on which glorious desire inspires the definition of terms — there is another side and definition to heaven.

Knowledge is obtainable by anyone who seeks out how things work with a diligent heart – by research, experiment, discovery, and experience. And indeed there are always things to discover because of how intricately things are designed and how awesome some objects interact, but it is all meaningless without the love of your life. Knowledge can complement wisdom, but they are different terms with a different meaning and source. There are two sides to wisdom* and this is because there is a secret intelligence with an afflicted desire. Wisdom can only be gained by those who are spiritual; those who sincerely seek a real glory greater than themselves and have gained some real understanding, although always seeking to understand more they can only get enough to come to the point of trust; they look to be swallowed up {to fully let go of their life to} in a power either seeking the real and treasured GLORY in and of their life, or a real and treasured GLORY within death { legacy}. Wisdom can only come from a higher intelligence through an inspiration that can become real. Wisdom comes from a metaphysical connection and a heavenly friendship that escalates as trust is refined; it is a gift that can't be inherited or acquired through study, only through an emphatic interest within a KNOWN glory and a sharing of hidden treasures and desires. And for a hungry new reborn, it is the fear of being without the covering of a real and greater trust, and the love of a known glory, or the terror of being subjected to an unknown glory, that either drives a person with a real interest toward gaining wisdom or keeps them from forsaking it.

Wisdom is the foundation to a heavenly dream coming true and to establish a standard/kingdom or government that can last forever, and one's desires are fulfilled in the glory that covers it. Wisdom can be acquired rather quickly depending on how much one values being fully committed to a trust with enthusiasm; that is according to how quickly one will gladly give their valued life and labor away for a common interest and go through some trouble to experience a dreadfully Great Glory. If a person gains wisdom but has little knowledge they still can become independent from the world and they will prosper. But if a person has all the knowledge common to the world and is without wisdom he will bought or sold by someone greater. Knowledge can be tested by physical experiment to find an absolute, but wisdom is tested by where one will get their desires fulfilled and is based on faith in someone's untainted labors. Wisdom is an inspired intuitive knowing of how to apply technical knowledge to experience a real glory and prosper a kingdom, it's a spiritual gift from a known glory from heaven! But there is a love that feeds from death and empowers illusion where all knowledge is perverted and no one's word is reliable for craftiness. And then there are hypocrites who are void of wisdom and anything real that will turn or sellout their own for the flattery of doing god's work, for an unknown intelligence, because they don't even value sheltering or laboring for true riches within their own boundaries, none the less a real but veiled heavenly magnificence.

Everyone is granted some mercy for a time because priceless treasures are hidden and defined in another dimension to life, even gold is no more than a moldable rock in the physical reality. And so an amount of time is allotted that some might get real if they are not getting satisfaction! To realize there is something amiss in life and that one is not getting something to their own demise makes finding wisdom a possibility –a hunger may ensue for some real bread from a glorious intelligence. Having a freewill puts part of the blame on the one who values their time to prove different and real interests for themselves. So that one might at least take a time-out to define if they are laboring for the right kind of treasures or trust, if any at all? Trust comes with the realization that there is a reason for everything, but certain values are hidden until maturity and a proper time that one might get serious about what they truly desire, before partaking in glorious riches that will demand one's life forever.

If a person tasted and got a witness to a reality, a valued treasure covered/veiled within a certain trust and believes it's worth their life, they will ask, seek, and keep knocking until a door opens. In other words they will wait for the love of their life, a special heaven sent entrustment while pursuing a real friendship with a sincere passion; it is part of the test for a reality – a true shared interest that leads to a desired friendship forever. But if a person is being tempted to take God's place {become a legacy} in order to provide for themselves or in an attempt to save the world, and does not come to their senses and seek reconciliation admitting only God is good enough to do his own work, all reality will evade him along with all those associated and they will give their inheritance to predators. A person just made a fool of them self because one can't hurt God physically or take his place. But a person who persists in imitating/mocking God's uncorrupted True Son [his Living Word that came from the tender depth of his heart ] for their own glory, they will not only become abhorrent to the world but God himself will turn them away for destruction. All intelligence will become his enemy. Everything on earth and eventually everything in the heavens will come against him and fill him with terror. So if intelligence is demonstrated to turn against those who only have knowledge of the truth, will it be considered a natural reality or a mystery?

Jesus who said God was his Father said in John 5:17; My Father is always at work to this very day, and I, too, am working.  How will we interpret reality and who really is going to Judge the world since none will remain here; where does one get the authority? Does evidence demonstrate that a greater intelligence and opposing heavenly powers are at work?

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