Intimate Friendship: Bound by an Interest that Is From Heaven

         So now we have an idea that a reality with an unshared interest is what taxes human beings because it costs vulnerability, but what really is death? Anyone who at least acknowledges there are purposes in nature will at least see an element of truth even if they might be after the wrong kind of trust or share in a dream that evades reality. For example a Buddhist correctly sees that God brought the dirt to life for a reason, for a dream to come true, and he could do it again! But then they erroneously conclude that they already have been re-incarnated even though they have no recollection of it –which is not based on reality. Of course anyone who avoids reality romances a mystery and death, and ultimately forsakes their born identity. But the question might be why? And I think one will find death and mystery are linked to a lack of intimate friendship or an unreal, untrue, and counterfeit one. I also think you will find that this is a consequence of being disconnected with and from the trust of one's true Father, an identification outside of the womb of the earth {garden of seeds} residing in an unseen dimension called heaven. Real friendship transforms in the children who feed and know their Father intimately by his Spirit, while they come out out of the womb through some pain into a new world and see the glory and joy of their Father.

Friendship is a longing desire that is built into all human beings initially; we need someone to relate to, many times to even want to find a REALITY worth our labor. But friendship is not natural because trust from heaven has been broken. Heaven is where a glorious intelligence is veiled that fathered a living dream by planting a seed. A seed evolves or more correctly is transformed through a particular environment that enables it. And because real and binding relationships are not randomly chosen, do we call it natural if an environment is selected or prepared to make a way for a heavenly desire to be expressed? Evangelism, propaganda, marketing, and institutions that invest into giving you a free (?) education are out to do this very thing: rousing an interest in order to influence an engagement to a type of authority for a type of freedom that sanctions a particular way to express an interest – government!

I am in no way implying that enlightning another is necessarily right or wrong because it is natural that a desire would have a protective boundary to express its interest and bare its fruit for a dream to come into reality. But that trust and friendship is not natural and ironically because boundaries are infiltrated and sometimes forcefully to express an interest, instead of being honored and made sacred for something much greater than just money or a free gift; a genuine interest that is from heaven. A freedom can only be expressed with a friend who has been invited into its sacred boundary because of shared, real, genuine, reciprocated, and eventually a proved interest when great troubles tests it. To find someone true is a gift from God, and if persons really had received a gift from God they would not want control of this corrupted world, or another's inheritance, government, or boundary, because they would not be going into a deficit because of a lack of true interest and would get a taste of a promised new world that will never end. However, a blessed and satisfied person will announce at some time that they have found the love of their life and an answer for the lost, if they are overflowing with joy and can't help but show compassion to those that are spiritually hungry without, but there is a love that is a thief and puts on a mask because they are not after true interest.

alone oriental girl
FIG. 55      A Hong Kong girl disillusioned with a friendship
© Lewis Tse Pui Lung
Hong Kong economic depression
FIG. 54     Hong Kong 1 July 2013: protesters request political reform; the economic crisis and for solution of housing problems.      Lewis Tse Pui Lung /

Real trust, one you would joyfully and completely give your life to, is not a natural event in this world. Real trust, to die for trust, is impossible unless a glorious desire that is bigger than one's self is tasted because the perishing can only trust in something greater that has the power to fulfill, prosper, and bring its glory into reality. And from a unity perspective, a human to human oneness, a {to die for} real friendship only develops with another human being who genuinely sipped from the same spiritual cup, which binds them to enable an intimately felt, and shared, glory inspired dream, to come true that is based on an experienced reality; all of which comes from another dimension to life that is real, but hidden until a common interest is proved beyond doubt. And although most people do not take to heart that God is the natural and finial Judge of the nations and even the world, no one really trusts in natural selection when defined as complacent luck {investment} or randomness. People are always striving for a different world – even an evolutionist or naturalist does not believe in natural selection!

We can observe this in a scientific sense; even an evolutionist does not honor boundaries and let nature do the selecting and let everyone's own nature and government be their demise or salvation, they do not believe in natural selection. Although an evolutionist initially is not after intimate friendship because they justify unfaithfulness as love to plant a seed, he/she then forsakes their real identity [they are evolving] to feed from another's energy to become a star – take the place of a god. No human being trusts in natures processes because nature can't fulfill a heavenly desire. A heavenly desire is necessary for human beings to labor for a trust/friend that will cover their vulnerability/shame within a glory that is worth their blood and sweat. And for people to create their own gods is also not natural but scientifically reflects a great desire for a friendship that comes from heaven. People are undeniably designed to share an intimate desire to enable a dream to come true based on a reality, but an unseen barrier prevents them. Because of a corruption and conflict in nature trust has to be established from another dimension that is worth one's labor and being vulnerable within, with a return for their life.

Desire: a blessing through a vunerability expressed in our nature (sex and money/labor/treasure)

People can also do the right things for the wrong reasons in an attempt to fill their secret or unshared desires, which is an attempt to find comfort in death –avoiding a real and true intimate connection with anyone. Something beautiful has become ugly in this world in an attempt to gain power or satisfaction from an illusion; putting on a show or act to steal a value from another to fill a void to try to fill one's own desires and love themselves in their perishing state. Proof that this seductive corruption is a reality, is that witnesses to a marriage are required before one has legal access to each other's unique and personal treasures.

Marriage is not natural act but a spiritual act that is bound in Heaven for a dream and desire to be expressed with a freedom that requires the essence of one's life. No other creature needs to get married ! And if a person were only in a relationship to trade sex and money they would not need to get married they could simply go to a professional whore house and trade their values away. When one pays a premium price for a few hours to act out their flesh fantasy it is tremendously sensually believable that one is desired because the customer is treated like a king, but really for the premium price. And from the customer's end who is trading their money it is cheaper financially to pay for a few hours when you think you need sex than to pay every day when you are not getting it, and especially much cheaper than risking your inheritance for an unreal sensation. So why doesn't love work as an illusion? This definition of love is at the heart of communism and socialism, and actually strives to get everything materialistic for free – it's arrogant to be independent or have anything personally treasured. So why do most people get married and what is the purpose of it? Also a person does not stay in love by a feeling; if that is why they think they do it whatever took hold of their imagination might have eluded them with an enchantment. A bride and bridegroom can only remain happily together with a self-sacrifice for each other because they have a unique valued part in an intimate {personal and shared} dream from heaven and they realize who inspired it, and the GLORY of who brought them together; whom recharges their value through their sanctified interceding sacrifices to activate a heavenly interest.

         Sex and money [accumulated credit: labor] are not evil entities of themselves, but open a vulnerability that many times leads to an affliction or an evil. A person is not supposed to share the very heart of their labor or the essence of their being with just anyone; only with one who will be with them forever in a sacred trust to complete each other's desires and enable each other, due to a great shared interest, to partake in glorious dreams that would otherwise be impossible to bear fruit, and to be sweet and delicious at that. A blessing can become a curse when the deepest and personal treasures are not hidden, reserved, committed, and gladly spent only toward a special entrustment from one's Father in heaven. People need something and someone to strengthen them when they sweat and sometimes bleed while spending a natural gift and natural power to prove an interest and potentially partake in a glory. Because when one spends their natural treasures it leaves them vulnerable and possibly in a weakened state; value has been spent and needs a return of pure and real interest to be recharged. In reality a person can only be recharged from a glory that was born in heaven that has the power for shared desires, individual needs to be satisfied, and a dream to become forever real. But a unique intercessor and a friend who knows you deeply is needed to stand in the gap with a sanctified sacrifice [pure of divided interest] that shares in their common and known Father's desires and heavenly kingdom dream. This unique intercessor is taught, established, and transformed by one's Father in heaven for this purpose, so that love would be realized from an unseen but prevalent provider, a glory tasted, so a never ending kingdom established, and joyful children multiplied to the Glory of their true Father in heaven.

What makes true friendship true or real is there is a true intimate interest, covered with each others blood and sacrifices. Together an investment is made in something much greater that has value in fulfilling all desires that never loses their interest.

Investment is only true investment when one is not taking from another's worth – but giving them something unique and valuable to enable them in fulfilling a shared dream and destiny from their Father in heaven.

Heaven is a metaphysical boundary that has a door to an intelligent force that nurtures and sanctifies his living dream so it can give birth and come into his reality.

Glory is only true glory when it is much greater than comfort in death or self accomplishment. True glory fulfills the desires of all those involved with something real and unveils a mystery within an intimate friendship that is from heaven. A person must come out of the womb to be born and see the reality, and be covered by an intimate friendship established by the Father, and be a part of his dream come true.

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