Broken Trust with a Change of Atmosphere

The queen of the world romancing the dragon: obtaining the title Queen of Heaven
Fig.35 Queen of Heaven?     The queen {representing a mother to world government: the first and forerunner is named Babylon after the climate change in Genesis 10 & 11}     romancing the dragon {the steward and power in the earth who fathered many gods and demi-gods, and is sometimes titled the father of the gods}.
         We are going to find that people who think of themselves as animals actually end up with less rights than the animals, and the worm that feeds on their dead bodies has more glory as a living entity even among their own kind or neighbors. It is somewhat of a bad trip that the earth was given to people as an unconditional gift, but when we do not search out some kind of hidden heavenly treasure or heaven sent that stirs and shows a way to FULFILL REAL DESIRES because a REAL GLORY was REVEALED that can cover us in our vulnerability and adversity that we would freely HONOR through a truly shared in sacrificial act that leads to genuine thanksgiving and worship, we become the lowest scourge of the earth; an intelligence eventually becomes our enemy.

        Worship is never supposed to be a demand or an act, or it can't to be true worship. Although the glory that inspired it's worship always beckons one to bath in it and sip from the cup because of its desire to share a hidden treasure because of a powerfully real interest. But the only accepted worship by any real glory is when one freely and longingly gives them self away to be in this greater glory because of shared, received, and known interest; the worship springs from the power it has to fulfill a desire, especially when it fulfills what it promises. And a glory born from heaven always has the power to fulfill its promise at the right time. A TRUE and REAL glory will not lie to persons of their interest because it can always accomplish its will to those who belong to it and bath in its desires, which is why it is called a GLORY and why it is feared/respected or HONORED. One who truly eats at its table will taste heaven on earth {or Hades; depending on the table and interest shared} to secure a trust or faith and enable them at some timely point to say "I do" so they can receive some authority and power to fulfill their destiny, to the credit of the GLORY who captured their heart.
        And history always showed, with even the pagans, it will be one who has reverence for heavenly authorities that will rule over the human animals {people who prey on each other solely to feed their flesh or lusts} and toss them a bone in mercy. A ruler with power, especially of an empire, gets their place of authority from the favor of a real intelligence that was born in the glory of heaven. Authority – rights for a people/nation to share in a desire and a way to express interest only comes from a heavenly power that is apart from human beings, but has a part with them. And there is a very powerful glory that has fallen and crossed a heavenly boundary — Man has no authority of himself.

One will also find religion is for those who create not discover gods. And it becomes a religious issue when one wants keep a reality a mystery and justify taking control of another by coercion in their vulnerability or confusion. Forceful intimidation only escalates hostility when foreign blood is shed to pay for an alien/unknown and uncommon or unreal interest. So religion is about worshiping what one's own hands have done for self-love/worth, while feigning an interest in another; that is putting on a bloody show to gain power over another's desires and inheritance. But cosmetic interest only makes one lust for more if they do not shun it for someone real. Ultimately because of the burning affliction of unsatisfiable lust in religion, a religious person is under a compulsion to gain the whole world and be served by all, or worshiped for some kind of glory in death. Without a respect for a personal, sacred, and established boundaries no one will find a trust that is worth one's labor where one is covered by someone who can fulfill a desire:

The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished: But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities. Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord. But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not; and they shall perish in their own corruption;
(2Peter 2: 9-12, KJV, emphasis mine)

Why get religious if one can get real? Why would a REAL and LIVING God who gives life and created the universe with the breath of his mouth need the works of men, why would he need to enslave dirt bags or any of his creation? What glory would be in that? Rather, wouldn't he have something to offer his children if they valued his proclaimed/publicized Living Word –his desire for real intimate friendship and trust so he could show us the way to a love/interest/joy that is worth our labor {trouble, sweat, blood, and sometimes being bruised} —fun in a mature way. And then, only for his Living Word to become our teacher and reveal a mystery? Religion is a great temptation for one who wants to keep their pride and comfort in death, but it leads to great evils and keeps people from finding someone true – can't get satisfaction from a mystery.

When a boundary is honored because it reveals something is really valued inside, and the cost of an untainted/vulnerable/clean and personal sacrifice is considered and then made as an expression of a real and true interest, because a REAL vulnerability from heaven is TREASURED within an incorruptible heavenly boundary, a door will open with God's favor or grace so that a spiritual blessing will bring a taste of heaven on earth. This will be a REAL witness to those who partake intimately in a highly valued sacrifice that will make the trust certain because they experienced part of a dream that came true, they tasted the glory and promise of a new world in reality because they treasured someone's intimate word (what it promises) that was reliable – demonstrated knowledge and trust through a valued and shared in sacrifice. Or one could say they experienced a certain glory that they believe in; one that they would lose their life to because they want to be swallowed up in its authority –trust. When interest has been proved to be real, those invited have been enabled with something real and satisfying to offer that will sanctify those who may be afflicted or held captive to seductive and unreal interests, and free them for a greater desire. This metaphysical drink from a reality can satisfy and regenerate true interests only if one sees the value in an incorruptible boundary and shelter that makes faithfulness everything for a glorious destiny based on an awesome reality with unending interest.

But if trust is not really from heaven, and those under a great name, a kingdom, honor no boundary and uncover each other for power, their hostility will grow because they do not treasure what God has already endowed them with. Eventually those who trusted in their own glory will all be found naked and will promote each other's death because they took advantage of another's vulnerability and have been robbed of their own value in a relationship, there is no true interest.

Cathedral earth angel with sword
Fig.36 ID theft     People are not angels but a person has the tendency to identify with whatever inspires their desires.
When a person has to do the work of a greater power they become slaves; because not only is it never ending and impossible, but there is only freedom when each does their own part, in their unique God given identity and skillset to enable each other, with the greater covering the lesser with their glory and Fathers last name. So if a person crosses a boundary, forfeits their identity and takes on the unique identity of glory to do a more powerful glories work is it from the right heaven, or is it a mockery?
There is a love that promotes death–a loss of identity!
         The truth is self-evident that everything good is a gift from God, not a gift because any person is better than the other, the dead can never be any good, but to entice a hunger to eat at God's table, become one with his Word and know him. And if one corrupts boundaries in the name of the Lord God Almighty {Supreme Judge and Provider of heaven and earth} or his only untainted Son – his Living Word – intelligence will turn on one for their own demise and one will become abhorrent to the whole world and even to themselves, because God himself will uncover such a one and those associated and send them to those they truly co-labored with. Those whom God did not send will give away everything of value and all knowledge to those who despise them because there wasn't any boundary they wouldn't denigrate to flatter themselves, and they will lose their inheritance and everything God gave them; they will be their own terror! Even those who knew not God, nor loved him, will glorify God on that day, because he honored his own name when the nation who received his mercy and a blessing did not. A burning hostility will be enflamed inside of them from their unknown lovers and this flame is metaphysical in nature, and it is because those had no true interest in anyone real, no sanctified holy pleasing shared in sacrifice and therefore no empowerment for any dream to come true. They did not feed those they were entrusted to with living bread from heaven; they feed them death from a table of terror, because they mocked God's Living Word to gain the affection or inheritance of another prince. All realty will elude hypocrites who do not consider the actual works and heart of the great intelligence they profess. Any knowledge they had gained will be sold for their bankruptcy because they perverted the truth for their own credit to covet the world in an attempt to enslave the lost, and take from the Son of Man.

Isaiah at around 600BC proclaimed what the Living God said toward his chosen nation: the people he made his will and desire known to;

These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men. Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.
(Isaiah 29:13-14, NIV)

Did Isaiah here from an intelligence that was metaphysical: An intelligence from another dimension outside of himself, his Creator that deposited something glorious inside of him?

When Knowledge Betrays One Due to a Hidden Intelligence — broken trust

Moses lifting up the snake in the desert
Fig.37   Numbers 21:8  Bible illus. by Gustive Dore  Life: 1832–1883
image of the artwork Courtesy of:
This work itself is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired. Applies to countries with a copyright term of life of the author plus 100 years.
         It seems that certain people became Christians when they heard that Jesus was crucified/humiliated for their sins, that they experienced a love and shared a desire; lusting that all should die for them. I say this because most Christians are so enamored by their own beauty they feel justified in prostituting their way into a foreign boundary; giving away all personal and sacred treasures for the flattery, expecting and even demanding it at least in their heart. However, a child will note they have no real intimate relationships because trust has not been re-established with the Father of life; they share another's desire other than the Jesus they profess. These have not thirsted for a love that can conquer death and are in disbelief because they have become addicted to flattery [empty words]. Religion is for pretenders who will kill or be killed, to be flattered in death, which is why they say grace to the wicked instead of hungering for real transforming Living bread. Instead they are given only gristle and fat, from the stranger's table they seek, with the hopes of taking control of the world to find satisfaction. But the religious Christians worship this unknown lover while whispering the name of Jesus in their ear, invoking a great envy, hatred, and disrespect for anyone who holds a personal entrustment sacred. Unless war is about protecting a boundary because something from heaven is valued inside, then it is about forcing yourself on another or tempting an outsider with your personal assets to enslave them in an attempt to find comfort and glorify one's self in death. When one looks to be rich in death they will not value anything true and are never satisfied in life –a taste of a blessing creates a never ending lust which will eventually lead to war, instead of a desire to know an intimate reality. One might think it reasonable that the poor would reject a reality, but why the richest generation? What can one do to get another's interest to share an intimate dream based on a reality without being robbed of one's glory? What intelligence is truly being related to [credited] for a blessed one's interest to find comfort or glory in death?

The United States could have been forsaken for all of its indebtedness to the credit lender except for two reasons, ignorance and God's mercy –the time was not right or justified yet beyond the shadow of a doubt to hand over the people to their back door love affair and be divorced of their inheritance. The proof that the USA is prostituting is that they sacrifice their children for a foreign dream and interest that is outside of their boundary — the Vietnam War was the first accepted blood proof of that desire! The beginning of a conspiracy is when a person has more than one love, more than one trust if that was possible, and they evolve into great actors and liars. The Vietnam War claimed to be out to halt communism but the USA desired their teacher or teaching and nationally implemented their system of education; Fundamentally: human animals evolving into gods, predators of course being chief — masters of deception with secret agents covered in mystery [top secret] trading secret treasures as a play to be the world's authority –dictatorship:

A week after the launching of Sputnik II, a federal policy paper titled "Education in Russia" stressed the Soviets' aggressive cultivation of academic excellence and called on American educators to do the same–but better–in hopes of out-performing the Soviet Union and winning "the race for space. " The cold war was no less potent than previous wars had been in stimulating rapid increases in federal aid to education.
(Federal education policy and the states, 1945-2009: a brief synopsis 2009. p11. Retrieved on 6 of August 2012 from

Everyone is taught by their gods, although one who creates a god for himself from their own imagination gains no understanding of an intelligent source. After one has proved the words or a teaching true to life, a person has to lose every bit of self trust or pride {freedom is there} to open a way and discover their real Father or treasure in heaven, if they don't most create a father opening a door of illusion. So, is there wisdom in being taught by one's enemy or an unknown god? Is an expert a teacher of a known reality that is enthusiastically worth their labor –that is they walk in it because they have proved something true to life themselves? And do they have a genuine interest in those they teach, or are they thieves robbing their students to glorify themselves in a mystery? And does it make one look wise if one sustains a class of ignorant, dumb, or gullible followers? Some might think so, but maybe they are after the wrong treasures.

Person consuming mind altering substance
Fig.38    Since the Vietnam War it has become especially popular to get an artificial high, escape a physical reality, and try to find a new sensation. When one loses the love of their life they lose getting high from being emersed in a natural reality covered by a glory– its a gift from heaven.
         In the new education system, the children were taught they were monkeys and if they said yes, they got an A for a grade. The bad boys {someone who wants something real} acknowledge their time is limited and are active in making sacrifices and investments for their inspired dream to come into reality. These experts made a sacrifice to give the US a free education and in their wisdom charged them for it in their taxes; it's much easier to screw or afflict a humanized monkey, and take away their right to have any personal treasure and place in the world than a child who can trust their Father {in heaven} who protects them from great terrors and provides for them within the covenanted boundary he set. But the Christian parents, who didn't see the need for wisdom themselves, disregarded the affliction of their demoralized children because they didn't have to invest into their education; they saved making a personal investment and thought the experts on mystery must be great people for giving them a free lesson.
         The children were humiliated when they were taught they were random dirt that washed up on the beach and the world really belonged to animal experts, which eventually caused many to become vulnerable to unnatural affections. And then the interest the Christian churches had for the foreign princes of the world became very believable when the children were sacrificed in their blood, starting in Vietnam, so the parents could do god's works and befriend those who despised them in the world. That's when many of U.S. children abhorred the Christian name and wanted to run from reality because interest was perverted and they lost personal value; they were sacrificed for a stranger's interest. And finally the children in their longing for someone to identify with were subdued and turned their affection to the predator to find worth. And now some use the name of Jesus to promote a glory in death to stop terror, and sacrifice a foreigner's life for this interest. Proof that this is not in self defense, is that these go well beyond an eye for an eye, and indeed will never stop until they are bankrupt so they can multiply the dead to their unknown glory. All the while claiming to save the world while declaring the end of the world! The question is, what intelligence force is behind it, or is it a sip from an illusion, from one who slipped them a Mickey [poisoned drink] because they go with anyone to flatter themselves?

The Judge of Heaven and Earth: Evidence That God Is In Control From Another Unseen Dimension;
is it natural or is there an intelligent force against US Christians if knowledge betrays them because they maimed the truth to glory in themselves?

A Foreign Dream –inspiration

Kenedy being humbled by Khrushchev
Fig.39   John F. Kennedy meeting with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna 1961.
This image is a work of a United States Department of State employee, taken or made during the course of an employee's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain per 17 U.S.C. 101 and 105 and the Department Copyright Information.
         Blood and sweat is the only entity that reveals true interest, not money. Even the bad boys, who will only labor for someone real that shares a real interest, know you don't mingle your people's blood for a foreigner's dream or for flattery, you go in with everything to take the country and establish a plausible boundary, or you don't go at all to receive respect. As the wall went up in Russia, one of the USA's defining moments was an involvement in Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, which shouldn't have happened at all unless Cubans were willing to drop their old flag and become part of the United States. The United States was involved in a foreign conspiracy against Fidel Castro because he had established a relationship with Soviet Communist leader Khrushchev: In 1960 President Eisenhower, while federally implementing the communist education in deception and trying to win Khrushchev's heart (?) approved a secret CIA program to overthrow Castro, The CIA set up training camps in Guatemala, and by November the operation had trained a small army for an assault landing and guerilla warfare (John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum. Bay of pigs. retrieved on 3 September 2012 from ). Then as Kennedy came to office, and being tutored by Eisenhower, he made a promise to back up the trained Cuban revolutionaries and then denied them full support in the heat of the moment. President Kennedy cancelled a second air strike so as not to be found involved and offend the communist dictators and keep a back door open for their interests. But anyone who values seeing a dream come true is offended when blood is shed in vain –respect is not possible! Immediately after President John Kennedy met with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, James Reston of the New York Times was granted an interview. Thomas Boettcher (1985) documents;
On the basis of their conversation, Reston, about a year after Kennedy's death, wrote: “Khrushchev had studied the Bay of Pigs; he would have understood if Kennedy had left Castro alone or destroyed him; but when Kennedy was rash enough to strike at Cuba but not bold enough to finish the job, Khrushchev decided he was dealing with an inexperienced young leader who could be intimidated and blackmailed.”
(Boettcher, T.D., 1985. Vietnam, the valor and the sorrow; from the home front to the front lines in words and pictures. 1rst ed. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. p170)
         For the freedom of exercising a way to show an interest one has to share the same standard/boundary! And to achieve independence one has to joyfully labor for the entrustment of the one who values their life within their covenanted boundary and cover the vulnerabilities of the relationship with their personal sweat and blood sacrifices. A conspiracy happens when one shares more than one interest, more than one standard, because they really share no one's intimate friendship {interests} but want to take the glory from another's dream. Only the spiritual know that trust requires everything for everything after interest has been tested worthy of a valued sacrifice. A person only fears being separated in what they trust in, whether it's death or a shared heavenly dream inspired by the desires of a reality. Did the U.S.A. lose touch with a reality, who did they give their heart/strength to? Conspirators are adulterers {entrusting to more than one banner/name} who do not intend to share anyone's dream and care for no one's sweat and blood, only money to find comfort in death where a dream never comes true for a fantasy, their children are sacrificed for a mystery. When adultery is normalized as a way to show an interest someone will have to pay by losing their right to an inheritance {independence} because a shared dream either never happened or was lost because a boundary wasn't valued. A call girl will take it all with a terror!
         Even though the bad boys will use an adulterer they are disgusted to be united to one, and they did not want to be treated like prostitutes who do anything for business. The Wall only came down in Russia because the children God gave the Christians were sacrificed to gain communist interest, and they believed the blood that was shed in the Vietnam War, not the money they received as proof they were admired and feared as a US secret interest. And the Christians were willing to go bankrupt for self–flattery and a cheap gift so they got an international credit card so they could invest into a foreigner's dream. Was it a conspiracy? If a person walks in the truth why do they need a secret agent? Or is there a desire for a foreign intelligence and a backdoor lover? Maybe there was a loss of intimate friendship because the wrong treasure was valued within one's own house/government ?

The Fruits of Love/Labor

During the fifteen-year-long Vietnam era there are even some psychologists who recognized that much of the childhood instability is related to parents who are disconnected from their children and what is being taught in public schools. It even seems children have no time to be children because grownup issues are forced on them, namely to save the world for a love that is not true, which lines up with what many are actually experiencing.

In the 1970s Raymond S. and Dorothy N. Moore conducted four federally funded analyses of more than 8,000 early childhood studies, from which they published their original findings in Better Late Than Early, 1975. This was followed by School Can Wait, a repackaging of these same findings designed specifically for educational professionals. They concluded that, "where possible, children should be withheld from formal schooling until at least ages eight to ten."

According to the Moores, "early formal schooling is burning out our children. Teachers who attempt to cope with these youngsters also are burning out." Aside from academic performance, they think early formal schooling also destroys "positive sociability ", encourages peer dependence, and discourages self worth, optimism, respect for parents, and trust in peers. They believe this situation is particularly acute for boys because of their delay in maturity.
(retrieved on 25 August 2012 from

Children evolve or are transformed by the lessons in their environment and actions of those who will spend time with them, whether it's the television, internet, or a teacher who only reverberates what is in a book for the money. All of which the world goes at great length to invest into in order to captivate the children that they might share or be transformed within its subtle desires. The question is do the parents care about a dream coming true and nurture the seeds of an intelligence in the fruits of their love? If the parents will not care for their children then the state will eventually have that right in an attempt to maintain stability because the children are the future of the nation. But the more a stranger becomes a child's primary teacher, the more dysfunction dominates because true interest does not seem believable; a child who can't respect their parents will have a hard time taking any authority to heart.

America's education advantage, unrivaled in the years after World War II, is eroding quickly as a greater proportion of students in more and more countries graduate from high school and college and score higher on achievement tests than students in the United States, said Andreas Schleicher

The blame for America's sagging academic achievement does not lie solely with public schools, Mr. Butt said, but also with dysfunctional families and a culture that undervalues education. "Schools are inheriting an overentertained, distracted student," he said.

Senator Tom Harkin, the Iowa Democrat who leads the Senate Committee, picked up on that comment. "Overentertained and distracted – that's right," Mr. Harkin said. "The problem lies with many kids before they get to school, and if we don't crack that nut, we're going to continue to patch and fill."
(Dillon,S.. 2010. Many nations passing U.S. in education, expert Says. New York Times. retrieved 21 July from

One of the ways children realize that they are truly valued is when the parents teach them a way to find the love of their labor, and give them a practical skill to obtain their own independent worth so they have real value they can freely invest into another upon maturity. Independent worth signifies one has real value that can really compliment another's unique abilities to possibly experience a shared and greater value that can bring a real sense of wholeness! Parents that teach their children practical knowledge and to keep their vulnerable treasures covered and show them a way to master a valuable skill, actually demonstrate to their children that they are valued just in the act of taking the time out to share what is meaningful and useful. Former Judge, Roy Moore, who was tried for having a monument of the Ten Commandments in his court building understands that children are a gift from God, and that the parents have to genuinely care for that gift for a nation to prosper.

The right of education has historically belonged to parents. When the parents allow a schoolmaster, a tutor, or the public education system to do their duty, such educators do so in loco parentis, or "in the place of the parent." In this manner, the parents always retain control of their child's education because they do not surrender the right to educate their child; they simply delegate part of their responsibility to a qualified person or institution.
(Moore, R.S.. 2005. So help me God. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers. P.157)

Although homeschooling doesn't guarantee there is a true interest in a reality, it has a tendency for most to get real about what is true and what can be applied to finding the love of their labor. When one has to spend their own time and energy in their future, or the future of their hearts desire, they do tend to give and get the best understanding of a subject so as not to waste their efforts to be fools. Before Social Security, matured family members looked after their aging parents in their retirement, which would have a tendency for parents have a healthy fear of God and teach their children well and soberly so there would be a return of true interest latter, along with a future comfort in life. But Social Security caused a reliance on government and a hope for comfort in death instead of God's love and teaching a living truth. If one lives for a free gift {comfort in death} and gets robed of any intelligence is it natural? Because now US Christians are getting a return on the interest they invested into their children, nothing practical, sustaining, or real –their government is in an ever increasing deficit! How could they claim they love the Son of Man? Anyway, when there is the fact of the parents spending time with their children, going through real effort to educate and share their passions, a big jump in interest is caused in many of the children.

In 1997, a study of 5,402 homeschool students from 1,657 families was released. It was entitled, "Strengths of Their Own: Home Schoolers Across America." The study demonstrated that homeschoolers, on the average, out-performed their counterparts in the public schools by 30 to 37 percentile points in all subjects. A significant finding when analyzing the data for 8th graders was the evidence that homeschoolers who are homeschooled two or more years score substantially higher than students who have been homeschooled one year or less. The new homeschoolers were scoring on the average in the 59th percentile compared to students homeschooled the last two or more years who scored between 86th and 92nd percentile.

This was confirmed in another study by Dr. Lawrence Rudner of 20,760 homeschooled students which found the homeschoolers who have homeschooled all their school aged years had the highest academic achievement. This was especially apparent in the higher grades. This is a good encouragement to families catch the long-range vision and homeschool through high school.

Another important finding of Strengths of Their Own was that the race of the student does not make any difference. There was no significant difference between minority and white homeschooled students. For example, in grades K-12, both white and minority students scored, on the average, in the 87th percentile. In math, whites scored in the 82nd percentile while minorities scored in the 77th percentile. In the public schools, however, there is a sharp contrast. White public school eighth grade students, nationally scored the 58th percentile in math and the 57th percentile in reading. Black eighth grade students, on the other hand, scored on the average at the 24th percentile in math and the 28th percentile in reading. Hispanics scored at the 29th percentile in math and the 28th percentile in reading.

These findings show that when parents, regardless of race, commit themselves to make the necessary sacrifices and tutor their children at home, almost all obstacles present in other school systems disappear.

Another obstacle that seems to be overcome in homeschooling is the need to spend a great deal of money in order to have a good education. In Strengths of Their Own, Dr. Ray found the average cost per homeschool student is $546 while the average cost per public school student is $5,325. Yet the homeschool children in this study averaged in 85th percentile while the public school students averaged in the 50th percentile on nationally standardized achievement tests.

(Smith, J.M.. 2004. Academic Statistics on Homeschooling. Home School Legal Defense Association. Retrieved on 27July, 2012 from

Definition Helps Reveal the Intelligence At Work

Behind every teaching is the desire and investment for a dream to come true, so there is no such thing as a free education! If someone offers a free education you can be sure they will share their dream with you. And if true interest and a practiced knowledge are not values in a teacher, one's children will be sacrificed for a stranger's interest and one will be taxed double for a free expert on a mystery. Even if education comes from parents who homeschool, which is natural for those who in the least value a reality because of the pain one went through to understand the price of being vulnerable to a masked or misunderstood but real interest –is education more than getting or keeping materialistic treasures in the family? Do US Christians have an interest greater than comfort in death {money }, do they value what seeds are being planted in them and in their children; do they have access to real Living bread from heaven?

The only REAL TREASURE {money/credit} is bread from heaven because it never losses value and has a never ending return and glory to bath in. So, do US Christians value if their children are feeding from substance that can be applied to a reality so they can build a house, product, or provide a real service in preparation to enable and make life easier for their neighbor with the most treasured part being saved for the love of their life; an entrustment from God to see a dream come true? Of course to be united, or to keep from being used up {devalued} there has to be a return from whom one is showing interest towards because we are made for a relationship. We need another's unique value and labored interest {contribution} returned to be happy, valued, and find completeness or friendship. Or are the children or students being flattered to use their blessings for war, for control of another's life or assets in an attempt to find comfort and glory in death, to be the controller of terror of course? So to speak, to use a blessing to take over another's labored interest forcing a return {because we need a relationship to be covered} to acquire one's own interest. In other words, can a person use their blessing to take another's blessing to be blessed? If so, Truth would be rejected or so twisted as to be meaningless because TRUTH IS AN ENEMY TO THOSE WHO GLORY IN DEATH IF THE LIVING DEAD REALLY HAVE NO GLORY OR COMFORT, and in the light of truth one would have to admit they were their own terror because death was promoted for an unknown or unwanted interest.

Discovery is the only reason education becomes meaningful. Life tests the integrity or the usability of lessons within the designs of physical reality! And education has to be able to identify realities or one can never mature and make sound independent decisions –they haven't been educated. Cherry seeds always produce cherry trees, it's an absolute. There are other variables that have to be in place for a cherry seed to transform, the right nutrients or environment have to enable the process, but cherry seeds never grow into anything else but cheery trees. Knowledge relies on absolutes to come to conclusions, and absolutes bear fruit under certain conditions. Absolute realities can reveal variables to a certain outcome so that trust can become a key to real interest. Trust is necessary because we can't know everything, we are subject to much grander powers beyond our full comprehension. But we must know enough to find the delight of our life so we might abhor death and wake up to seeing a dream mature into a reality because of a trust based on real interest. Trust is a valued treasure because people cannot retain it naturally – an interest has to be deposited in them and nurtured with a reality. Discovery is only exciting if one is immersed in a reality and it reveals a hidden intelligent inspiration. Without understanding intelligent designs a person cannot see the purpose of a reality; a way to see a determined outcome. There are motives in all intelligent sources to reach a desired outcome, it's the reason we have a justice system to shelter an interest from a random conclusion. If there is a man with a gun in the bank should he be put out of commission in some way; knocked out or maybe even shot? One has to define if he is a security officer or a thief to make a just decision. Knowledge betrays one if definition is lost; one will not only ignorantly promote injustice for what is not natural, but also promote their own poverty to flatter themselves — namely because they mock, imitate, or dismiss a real intelligence.

Definitions help us discover boundaries or conditions under which an absolute entity will bring a blessing. Without distinct definition there can be a perversion of a reality that uses knowledge to corrupt an interest, to disable or defy and disregard established boundaries to rob one of knowing a real treasure, for an illusion; a secret intelligence or intentional deception. Although time in this world has an absolute end because the world is cursed with death's corruption of life, we still have the choice in which intelligence we will lose our life for to reconcile or consummate a shared interest, and to be transformed into a new likeness in preparation for a great or terrible glory. But we must lose our life willingly to be covered because we are tainted; we tasted the fruits of contrary desires! Evolution is about the future not the past, and it's about becoming one with who has the desires of one's heart, and if cherished and true, retaining one's valued uniqueness within a spiritual oneness from heaven covered in the Father's glory. However, there is another reality, a supernatural power that values keeping people in the dark, separated from a living trust from heaven, certain death; attempting to gain glory and fame by empowering a dream that will never be based on trust – true to a natural identity – but can manifest its desire in the whole world once a door closes to an absolute Father. This unknown intelligence, who only has absolute authority outside of the absolute glory of his Father, will keep mockers and imitators enslaved by a mystery for its entertainment —that they will be gods or legacies among the dead(?). Without a living trust: a person has no freedom to be themselves and no boundaries to enable true interest – a value towards an absolute reality's favor. Without definition: no boundary or identity can be understood or honored. And without unique personal value within the absolute shelter of a known intelligence people not only begin to hate their own kind but begin to abhor their own natural identity.

Creating a god is Not Natural; but shows people need an Intelligence to enable them

Egyptian gods; half human half animal
Egyptian gods; Anubis and Horus
         Maybe you have heard the psychological theory that if a horse wanted to have a god he would make god into an image of a horse. But it is not necessarily true that humans will make a god into an image of a human because a real intelligent force and power beyond us woos and sways us. Humanism, which the ancient Greeks made popular in their religion, observed that the world was given into the hands of men above all other creatures great and small, and they rightly believed it was the gift of a greater intelligence. But it seems in their attempt to understand heavenly powers they humanized the gods [earth angels] and concluded it was possible to become like them, that men could be transformed into gods if they obtained their legacy; that is to subject men and gain their worship to obtain an immortal or eternal name. But since Jesus Christ it seems there has become another twist; an interpretation that gods transform into men demeaning the glory of more powerful forces and entities to claim people as deities or heavenly absolutes. Although these fantasies might sound appealing especially if one has distaste for a particular reality, it causes an identity crisis. And when these fantasies are put into practice total reality is dishonored which causes frustration and hostilities to be enflamed; to where people will hate or despise their own kind. And the irony is the reason they hate their own nature is not only because they mock or imitate what they claim to love, but that they are trying to take on another's identity forfeiting their own uniqueness and freedom to be them self.

People that glorify themselves denigrate what is real and true; unfaithful to a reality

Uniqueness brings value and interest not only to a true family but a glory and love so powerful it does transform one's nature without changing their identity; even causing one's personality to be more vibrant because of an expression of true interest when within this real transforming glory. A person is transformed, or one could say a metamorphosis begins when immersed and made whole in a more powerful glory. However, human beings cannot transform themselves, and they must be invited to eat at a real table by their Father in heaven. A person who has a genuine encounter with a real glory will not remain the same; they will be changed for the better or the worse. But those with an unknown God who make the claim of being a new person will have no real intimate and true friendships bound in heaven or in the earth and will not only imitate an intelligence for show but make a mockery of those in their care; flattering the human race in its nakedness while disgracing it with an unknown love, and causing a distaste in the world for what it means to be a glorious human being. It makes many want to disassociate with their natural human identity because self-glorification makes being human unreal, and many Christians associate this with God's Son! One has to wonder, what in the world causes one to mock everyone's intelligence or could it be from a real metaphysical power?

         Self-worship has no intimate or true friendship.   People who do realize they have an asset or value to society and are after an eternal value have this great temptation to deify themselves, really, so that they don't need the love of God, so they do not have to become vulnerable to a source of life and can keep their pride [self-glory] in death. In total reality there is no glory in death, but only if it can be overcome with a re-established trust with God; wanting to know his desires and honoring his place/judgment to do his own part /glorious work. But the great crime is when there is a perversion of the Living words of the ones God really did send, namely YahShua Moshiach the Son of God, to credit themselves and in so doing belittling one who is Holy {sanctified and genuinely sent by the Living God} so they can look holy. It profanes and misrepresents a reality – God's work! Because these Christians never sought out a glorious intimate relationship outside of them self, and didn't risk vulnerable childlike openness {transparent/meekness} for a real friendship sealed with the Father's approval, they do not understand marriage or oneness from heaven; knowing a living reality apart from them self worth a valued true self-sacrifice { emptied of one's own glory to be immersed in a greater one}. So when these Christians declare Jesus as God who became a man, they not only separate themselves from the Father, from the source of life, but put on a show of doing God's work. Drawing from the spirit of falsehood, this mocks not only the authentic and vulnerable investment of the Father but the genuine witness of Son of Man, and use this idea of god becoming a man as an excuse to covet the labor of the nations because they have not found completeness from heaven! The irony is that they imitate Holy Scripture to glory in themselves, not glorying in knowing the found source of its inspiration, causing them to be supernaturally in love with themselves feeding from a perversion that they have taken the place of god. This form of self-worship becomes repulsive to the world and causes people to actually despise their own natural identity because they get robbed not only of their labor {they can't do God's work}, but of any reality to be flattered with empty mysterious words and actions; to be a nice person in death where there is no return of a real interest outside of oneself — it's really a hypocrites humility and a dying interest. To serve God {enable the life giving source} and to serve a church may look the same from a great distance but they are not!

         When a person is in love with themselves they are incapable of understanding another's intimate [internal] desires, incapable of demonstrating genuine interest because their heart is not open to vulnerability. And even if they may not be fully conscious of their actions, as one who is in love isn't, they will rob, use, or belittle others for the self-flattery at possibly any cost to maintain their self-image –their own glory. Even God is not in love with himself, he is complete within himself because he is Life, and loves to gain the real heart of his works –his children. And because people are made to share an intimate desire, and meant to be covered by a glory bigger than themselves for a dream to come true, if they decide to take the place of God they can only promote deceit, death, and enslavement, because they are not the source of life. People are the children of an intelligence source, and true interest/trust is sacred in heaven {and Hades}. When people imitate or mock God, and specifically when they dishonor the Son of God by likening him to a deity matured through human endeavor {YahShua Moshiach is the uncorrupted Living Word/Son of Man; intercessor conceived from the Father}, and because most Christians likened God to being a man, the name of Jesus will bring such a great hostility in the future that any human friendship will be such a lie that most will turn their affection to animals; they will trade their human identity to be like a beast, namely a predator because it has a pride in death – being feared/respected. Whether God or a beast: It is not natural for a person to become anything they're not, could it be supernatural when it's no longer about entertaining an idea? Acting seems to be a way to hide from a realty in an attempt to control or create one's own dream, to become one's own god to fulfill a desire. But does it reflect a glory or intelligence, or insult it? The American Indians used to bark like their "brother" the wolf in order to be empowered and share a desire, and it kept them from discovery. Can one have a real intimate friendship and glory in an intelligence when they are not themselves?

Meekness = respect, admiration, confidence and humility

No one wants to sweat and labor with any significance only to end up dead, it's meaningless if not humiliating! So no one really trusts in natural selection because people need a provider to enable them to return and cover for their labored interest, and a person's god is the provider who inspires or drives them even if it is not God. Everyone says "O my God" as a witness that everyone subconsciously knows they have one. But to know is not to believe because a boundary has to be respected and equally seen as a valued beauty before a heavenly glory will even consider revealing a part of itself. True admiration can only spring from respect and a REAL shared DESIRE, not really appearance. Respect does not guarantee trust, but respect has to be in place before real trust is possible. Respect comes from being aware of a power that will accomplish its desire even at the price of everything else, but it will be accomplished even within a glory or a terror.

Religious humility is when one despises one's personal identity [boundary], which eventually leads to a disrespect for other identities with a perverse affection for them {to become them or take their identity} that is disrespectful –not acknowledging a natural boundary. But sober respect enables a humility that leads to life: to abandon laboring for one's own dying goodness/works because one discovered something more magnificent, a greater trust with an undying interest [ sanctifying and enhancing value to identities and made complete and provided for within its glory/name] that is worth the last ounce of the greatest part of their strength to enable or arouse the unique works of the one they desire. To cross a glorious boundary one has to respect the unique identity [being] to a living reality, and one has to see they are ruined outside of its glorious covering and interest ; one has to be at the point of gladly losing their former trust and life to even be personally invited to intimately feed from a true reality/glory.

When one admits to them self that their way is not good enough to satisfy a heavenly desire and they are lost and destitute in what they labor for apart from God's love, and that they would end up being ugly and even wicked without God's love and mercy, yeah even to asking God to re-program them {change my heart} and do his glorious work: this is the humility that is true and God accepts as pleasing when it is as sincere as a child. But people who do not respect their hard labor and what they labor for do not respect anyone's labor – not even their true brother the Son of Man and his Father who enabled him through his Spirit. Not even after one saw God himself in his GLORY could one respect his work if one does not at least have a respect for their own hard labor, and guard/shelter/cherish and test what they labor for!

Jeremiah said to the people God once revealed himself to: gave them his word + knew the Ten Commandments [law]:

The priests did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord?’ Those who deal with the law did not know me; the leaders rebelled against me.
(Jeremiah 2:8)

“A horrible and shocking thing has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love this way. But what will you do in the end?
(Jeremiah 5:30-31, NIV)

So if the Christians would have really received the Son because they admitted they broke trust with the Father, that they did it their way and were corrupted by sharing in a tainted desire, when they believed God could change and fulfill their desires, and called on God in truth in their desperation to be cleansed from a sweet deadly lie, one would be joined with his Son [intimate friendship]; the Son really would have taken them to the Father, and they would absolutely know that God is not a man. They would also know a man cannot do God's work, because people are controlled either willingly or unwillingly by whoever has a hold of their desires; by a transcendent unseen force in their atmosphere. And when interest is not real the intelligence remains hidden. Without recognizing one's boundaries education cannot value trust or discover realities, they can only pervert knowledge to market paranoia and death for an unknown intelligence.

Mocking / imitating  God's  work/Living Word  is to be stripped of intelligence: a delusion in the atmosphere

Trust requires one's labor and respect to express a real interest and then a pure self-sacrifice to reciprocate desires if the same interest is truly shared. One is no longer blameless if they choose to become vulnerable to a real interest, but they are considered innocent within the trust that covers them unless they are double minded with more than one intimate interest; that is more than one source to reciprocate the deep vulnerable [sacred/treasured] desires which stir inspirations and bring revelations. Is one guilty of laboring for the right kind of trust is the only question, does one have confidence in a source apart from themselves that covers them with a return of interest? Interest that is joyfully worth one's sweat and blood costs one some of their vulnerability to a trust. But after one really drinks from the cup {shared a deep desire} of a glorious intelligence, it will cost one's very life/being and become everything for everything or nothing for nothing; with a yes or no at the cross road. Trust is metaphysically rooted because it attempts to make a way to fulfill a desire; a way to define, percieve, or discern the value of a love and interest, and/or do something normally impossible to taste a glory. Love is a spiritual entity based on a real interest to see shared desires fulfilled in each other through a pleasing {shared in value} sincere real sacrifice and acquiring a fulfilling entrustment from God or a god; eventually to see a shared glorious dream give birth. To the world trust can be religious {blind faith} in ritual until one is invited to drink from a real wedding cup. Trust can only be established by defining a heavenly boundary because trust is ultimately metaphysical [a perception of a real heavenly interest], and respecting boundaries around a nation or kingdom that have given, or would give their personal blood to abide within them. Without honored standards trust is blind and is offensive to intelligent forces and beings, and one who insists on attempting to infiltrate them without a people changing their banner [loyalty] will be stripped of all authority and even their identity in the world. It will be from the Judge of heaven and earth, and one will know it because it is not natural for one to condemn them self when their real expression of interest is returned. Many American Indians were nomadic and shared the same general interest or inspiration; they identified with animals or predators to empower their desire, which apparently justified them in taking another tribes right to a land inheritance away –and eventually they were confined to reservations — NATIONLESS, HOMELESS. Was the result a coincidence or from an unseen judge in heaven? What will happen to those who mock the Son of God and look to profit from foreign princes?

People that labor for an unknown interest can be considered prisoners, and although they may be considered innocent in death, they are guilty in a sense of sharing no one's desire and cannot be entrusted until they prove a real interest. And if they mock other's source of trust and established boundaries education will betray them and they will never see a desire satisfied. Knowledge betrays superstitious people because they mock or imitate any heavenly authorities —including Lucifer who is the steward of the earth! (lev.20:26; Job1:7-10; Mat.4:8) Imitators and mockers never want to be guilty of knowing a reality intimately; there is a denial of real and active absolute entities bigger than themselves, so they misinterpret events they do see to maintain their innocence in death { an intelligent force withholds wisdom from them; it's not natural }. Any knowledge they have will be used to blame another in hopes to profit from it, not to reconcile a matter to keep mistrust out of their boundary; death is the greatest marketing strategy for war and insurance to keep one from having to exchange any personal labored interest. And if they have no real interest they turn on each other in blame and disappear in a mystery and declare the dead as innocent because they would not labor for real treasure –they had nothing or no one to trust in other than possibly a feigned act.

         A person can only blame the one they really trust in: who one spends the most valued part of their labor on! Did one use the knowledge they had and labor to find the whole truth; enable a friendship in the light of a glory? Or did they side with the accuser to condemn the lost and market death as a means to salvation? Everyone knows the earth is created for life, but why do people want to keep from finding and enabling a true interest? When one fears God {reverence for the intelligence that risks investing in life} they know they eventually are going to get what they labored for. And the Living God does have the power to awaken the dead at the judgment for something real, which causes those who at least value who they sweat for to sober up and find a light that reveals what is behind the mystery. This world is where two different external sources of love/glory strive to open a way and plant a heavenly interest; this world is only a place where a potential inspiration is conceived that can and will mature enough to come out of the womb in a new world. But when one fears losing this fading, unstable, and finite world, to make a profit or to keep their personal worth {reverence for an intelligence that risks investing in death: legacy}, a LEGACY darkens how one interprets physical realities and they will actually promote their own death because they are captive to the absolute power they are trying to play.

Example: there is the knowledge that some parts of the earth's geography have been experiencing some unusually warmer seasons, which seems to contribute to a rise of 1.5°F in the average temperature of the earth (Osborn, L.. n.d.. History of changes in the earth's temperature. retrieved from This overall warmth has led many earth scientists to conclude we are having a global warming, which may be true. But why such an emphasis and concern on the weather, in other words, whose respect/interest is this knowledge being pressed to gain, and to what common glory? Recently, while parts of North America experienced a warmer than usual winter in 2011/2012, Europe experienced a very unusual bitterly cold winter. Some researchers have data that say global warming had hit a flat in 1997, and those who correlate the earth's temperature with the activity of the sun expect a reverse in global temperature with the suns cycles;

Based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations, the data was issued last week without fanfare by the Met Office and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit. It confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.

We are now at what should be the peak of what scientists call ‘Cycle 24’ – which is why last week's solar storm resulted in sightings of the aurora borealis further south than usual. But sunspot numbers are running at less than half those seen during cycle peaks in the 20th Century.

[Rose, D. Jan.,2012. Forget global warming – it's Cycle 25 we need to worry about (and if NASA scientists are right the Thames will be freezing over again). Mail Online. Retrieved on 6 Oct., 2012 from]

Also [Taylor, J. 2011. Carbon dioxide emissions up sharply yet temperatures are flat? Retrieved on 6 Oct., 2012 from ]

But overall, whether a hot or cold trend in the weather, there seems this persistent blame/conclusion among educators that any change in the weather is because other people are adding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If these educators believed man's activity was warming the earth, and warmth was harmful to life, wouldn't those within their boundary/government invest into mass producing fuel celled hybrid cars because they care about the future for the fruits of their love/life; their students and children? If there were a sincere interest wouldn't there be some kind of mass movement like when television went digital? Or is the knowledge of a warming trend an excuse to take away their neighbors right to land or harvest energy resources? And isn't this knowledge also a subconscious reason to justify sacrificing the nation's young in war to gain control over another's energy resources? Assuming this was about saving the planet and dirt bags {people scientifically} had that power; why would anyone want to save the planet if they could not find and enjoy a true interest within the short time they are here? It is not natural for a person to want to save the world for an interest that is untrue, unfaithful, or untrustworthy , but there is a desire that inspires it.

With the rejection of man's unique natural identity and the desire for an intelligence that is not really God himself there is an expression for an interest towards a glory. The humiliation ∼ death {removal of his identity from the earth} ∼ the rejection of the Son of Man with his genuine hunger for the actual Living God to have his way in the world for what he treasures, correlates with the activity of a destructive force in the earth that affects the weather and even the heavens. Even calls them birth pangs ( retrieved 2013 March from And whether realizes it or not the earth's convulsions and its climate will eventually bring about the desire of a heaven sent savior to either; establish an old world order or a new world order which will be determined after the credit lender comes and a judgment from heaven {an unseen dimension} has been made – namely toward the interest of US Christians. Trouble does test a true interest to a trust or break it for an illusion.

Science or religion: demonstration of knowledge or interest?

         It would not be too hard to imagine if this generation lived in the northern hemisphere during the Ice Age, if they saw the smoke from another person's huge bond fire to warm themselves they might prohibit it, because in their great expertise they gained the knowledge that the sun warms the earth then might conclude the smoke was blocking out the sun and this caused the cold weather. Maybe they had an instrument that measured the temperature of the snow that was in the shadow of the smoke, and the snow was .01°F colder in the shade. And then they would wipe each other out or make others freeze to death who didn't allow them the control of fire logs so as to become gods/authorities and save a world they helped afflict with death!? It's not like on television but it is possible for people to under a spell or illusion, and all the while thinking they are doing something good but all the while promoting an evil. Perceptions are affected by whom or what holds our desires. In Leviticus 26:19-22 Moses reveals God's jealousy toward those who acquired God's mercy and favor but cared not about his desires;
I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. Your strength will be spent in vain, because your soil will not yield its crops, nor will the trees of the land yield their fruit. If you remain hostile toward me and refuse to listen to me, I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve. I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children, destroy your cattle and make you so few in number that your roads will be deserted. (emphasis mine, NIV )

And Genesis 6 records that people will deviously destroy each other even in a paradise like environment and claim they are doing God's work, which is not natural but it is a reality when one gets their worth from the wrong places. Science means demonstrated knowledge and understanding. One has to take the variables involved confine them in a controlled environment and demonstrate the claimed predicted reaction before a belief can become knowledge and then be called a part of science. So what actually is being demonstrated and what intelligence is the source of one's wisdom or captivity – lack of a freedom?

Interest and Knowledge: True scientists, skeptics, and seekers realize correlation does not necessarily prove causation: that because warmth and CO2 have both increased slightly at the same time that there is an interactive relationship between CO2 and the warming of the earth; they can have separate sources incidentally active at the same time. Carbon dioxide has been a natural recycling element since the beginning, and it is not a proven heat insulator but it is the fundamental element all life is made with! And the majority of creatures are actually multiplying around the world to the point wildlife is becoming a nuisance in many towns. So even if one insists CO2 is the causation of the warmth, there is no correlation that CO2 or warmth is hampering wildlife. If one relies on correlation it is the opposite – the majority of wildlife is on the increase and plant life has a greater range due to ice melt and a longer season to absorb CO2 which makes nature more vibrant!

Warmth really is usually a sign of an abundant energy release, like sun activity, hot water vents, and volcanoes. We are not running out of food or wildlife, there are more human confrontations with wildlife than 40yrs ago. But the knowledge of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and any change in the weather is being used to promote the death or an enslavement of people, and even nations, to experts who feel they solely should have control of natural resources of those they can get under them; their conclusions are not based on science but on an unknown metaphysical desire – based on superstition {intelligence they do not understand}. The faith in this interpretation, of the earth's design being destroyed by human use, that fuels these experts (pun intended) does not have any science [demonstrated evidence], nor a real interest in their neighbor [demonstrated interest], only a theory on a mystery to gain power over the world's resources. What makes people afraid of becoming vulnerable to a real interest among their own; maybe they are avoiding a true reality in hopes to be flattered in a false reality? This will cause one to be in school forever, because to be flattered in their death one has to reject absolute truth. The death of one's offspring to save a planet is not flattering, especially to a true intelligence unless it has something against them for some reason! When people try to take the place of God, an intelligence causes knowledge to promote their own death prematurely, or at least so they can't enjoy life and use natural resources —it's not natural!

inside the Biosphere 2 complex in Arizona
Fig.45   Biosphere 2  Arizona. picture by Colin Marquardt
This work has been released into the public domain by Colin Marquardt
at the English Wikipedia project. This applies worldwide.
         Space Biosphere Ventures named the earth Biosphere 1 because Earth's life system is the only biosphere currently known. So they then created a structure they named Biosphere 2 with the hopes of space travel; an enclosed self-sustaining earth like environment in a building approximately equal to the size of two and a half football fields. And even though the Biosphere2 was on earth and had everything on earth, yet we could not duplicate how the environment of earth works, showing we could not comprehend how the earth is designed to sustain its self. It should have put us in perspective, sobered us up, and made us meek. But there is more to its investment than science:
Prance said, "I was attracted to the Institute of Ecotechnics because funds for research were being cut and the institute seemed to have a lot of money which it was willing to spend freely. Along with others, I was ill-used. Their interest in science is not genuine. They seem to have some sort of secret agenda, they seem to be guided by some sort of religious or philosophical system." After this statement however he initiated a renewed collaboration with Biosphere 2 and became a consultant from 1987 to 1993.
(as cited by, retrieved on 3 October 2012 from

Gleaming from Wikipedia Encyclopedia (n.d.), eight People were sealed off for two years in the first of two experiments, but there were problems with oxygen levels and most vertebrates dying off, so there was a little cheating, and friends became enemies splitting into factions mainly on how the science should proceed. The second experiment only lasted six months with a dispute within on-site management over the financial aspects. Just when we began to discover the basics on life, which should encourage one because there are purposes in it, we also discovered how much we really don't comprehend, which should sober us because we are not above the world although it is meant for us and our amazement. What started out as friends and comrades in their attempt to save the Biosphere2, so to speak, resulted in bitter enemies in a struggle for some type of glory through its failure. In the process of this great experiment although we did not learn how life is sustained on earth because the intelligence is a bit beyond us, one might have thought we would have learned something about the temptations of our own nature, and how one can be corrupted for a desire to take the world with a mystery.

Undoubtedly the lack of oxygen and the calorie restricted nutrient dense diet contributed to low morale. The Alling faction feared that the Poynter group were prepared to go so far as to import food, if it meant making them fitter to carry out research projects. They considered that would be a project failure by definition.
(Retrieved on 4 October, 2012 from "The Ethnosphere: Psychology and Conflict")

The Biosphere 2 is still being invested into and I wish it was to discover how efficient the world was interwoven and our limitations. The new owners have broken its seal to allow outside air to flow through it, to keep it from being too evident experts don't understand atmosphere interaction with life, so it is really being kept for the glory of an expert on a mystery –an illusion for power. One will notice when there is an attempt to disregard we do not have the intelligence to sustain the world and to keep from the humiliation of acknowledging one's own limitations, trust gets belittled; that is results are belittled to remain funded for a mystery. This can lead one into the illusion that a B.S. degree expert can save the planet, but from what except maybe each other's acting for power over world domination. It's a person who trusts in their own goodness that denigrates trust; that shrugs off proven knowledge, and belittles what science really did demonstrate in trade off for one's own glory and prejudice that causes education to be dumbed down and uninteresting — and even hostile because it can't be understood, results were denied for a falsified or favored theory {mystery}.

When a person is not put in their place and will not at least recognize their own boundaries, one can lose their perspective and respect for a true reality. A person doesn't need to know all the variables to come to a conclusion, they can see the input and the output to discover an absolute if it is confined in its environment. Only God can save or destroy the planet, people come from the dust of the earth and are a part of the natural system, and although men can destroy each other, nature always bounces back because the earth is uniquely designed for life. But even earth's time is limited, how long can only be speculated by earth scientists and astrophysicists. And clearly US citizens are going bankrupt because of what they are teaching their children – they obviously do not know how to apply knowledge to find a true interest worth one's labor. Is it natural or religious to invest into teachers that bankrupt ones house and government for their own flattery; to save or even change the world? Is it not obvious that the adults are taking action on what they learned as children from their parents, communities, and teachers? Wouldn't this be the fundamental reason the nation accelerating into deficit? God, the Living Father of all intelligence and the natural Judge of the earth is considering on selling the US Christians out to those they thought they could change with their naked beauty !

But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go, walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have set ablaze. This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in torment.
(Isaiah 50:11, NIV)

Wisdom is always hid from actors/players because boundaries have to be respected for knowledge to have a value, ultimately to enhance a dream that can become a reality. Some of the original Pilgrims prayed for independence from the world because the temptation for self-glory is so powerful and perverting, and offered their blood to establish a respected boundary so God's Living Word would be their king and the USA was born and blessed by an intelligence more than any nation of its time. Now this generation of US Christians not only slander devils under the affliction of a darkness but wants to rule in the depravity and be the authority of a foreigner's and foreign god's inheritance, products, and children!? In so doing these Christians have been deprived of a God fearing teacher and are void of wisdom for an intelligence that will make sport of them and find entertainment in their demise. Knowledge has no meaning without wisdom, and wisdom is a gift from God or a fallen heavenly glory. Wisdom comes through a friendship within a transforming glory and being covered and reprogrammed by the desires of this greater glory named above of oneself; an inspiring eternal trust [absolute trust]. If one obtains knowledge and uses it to glorify themselves an intelligence either abandons them or turns on them after a defining moment – trust is not possible so real heavenly glory, riches, and wisdom are forfeited. Education has little meaning when one can't define a condition or standard to an absolute; to discover real active values or elements that have unique purposes in promoting or enhancing a force that is at work in life, and especially in human beings, for a predisposed outcome. Education can actually make knowledge seem undesirable when Truth is perverted for self-flattery, money/war, and for the beauty of one's death and for a trust unknown {the dead/ bankrupt can save the world}. Is it a mystery that the children are being transformed [evolving] when being flattered in death; to wear a mask and attempt to fill a desire in the dark {unknown intelligence}, trick or treat?

Computer mavens have an acronym motto, GIGO, or "garbage in, garbage out," meaning that a computer programmed with bad data produces bad calculations. My theory could be called NINO, for "nothing in, nothing out," meaning that students who haven't been taught basic skills in grade school and high school can't be expected to do university-level work.

Whatever else the SAT's recalibration does, it gets the College Board out from being an unwilling middle man to that theory. Presumably, it will also dampen the anxieties of some parents, restraining them from asking school administrators some embarrassing questions:
(Grossman,R.. 1995. Sats Get Dumber; New Scores Will Be Higher, But Standards Lower. Chicago Tribune. retrieved on 21 July 2012 from

The federal No Child Left Behind Act demands that states test the children in public schools, and specifies penalties and remedies for schools that are observed to be failing. Sounds great … except that there is a huge loophole. The easiest move a state education bureaucracy can make to have more schools pass is to dumb down the test. Make the test easier, more kids will pass – – simple!
(retrieved on 21 July 2012, from
         The USA is the nation that was blessed above all nations materialistically, because they were going to honor God's Word as king/capital/absolute to be free from church and king control; worship would be a freedom of thanksgiving and deliverance from untrue interests. The only role of the USA government was to protect the right to pursue happiness within the USA, and God would do his own work within the bounds of the Ten Commandments {Republic} to pave a way to taste a heavenly reality. The original pilgrims, looking for a new world, prayed for a country like the Jews once had where the Living God would reign and they could be themselves —it was natural. And although US descendants did not experience grand miraculous demonstrations as the Hebrews did, the USA got the material blessing the Jews were after apart from seeing a physical glory being demonstrated. Regardless all arguments are being proved to see if one values an intimate relationship that is sanctified from heaven. The providential hand that controls destiny gave the USA citizens a special blessing and the opportunity to prove their interest. The USA – the nation that was famed for the freedom to labor for a true interest, and had in mind to honor the Son of Man by separating its self from the world and take in those outcasts from the nations who would wave a new banner – now wants what is within another prince's boundary for their own glory – and this is from a Christian nation! When someone is truly blessed by someone's sacrifice in reality, it can become a curse if one feigns faith in a heavenly teacher's precious sacrifice but uses it for an alien trust. There is obviously a secret interest that makes them lust for a mystery, but an intelligence is going to turn on them for their hypocrisy. Even the imaginary lovers of religious Christians do not trust them, which is why they stay hidden. But everyone truly is taught by their gods or God if they value a glorious being apart from themselves, and hunger to know a flaming true desire to a powerful intelligence that can accomplish its desire for its children.

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