Making sense between a vision based on reality or mystery

who is my daddy How do we know we are seeing things as they really are? People have been trying to interpret what they are experiencing since the beginning, and although environments have changed and creatures adapted or evolved in the micro sense, the human struggle to interpret what their senses are conveying has always remained the same. Even evolution in the macro sense, that is one creature can change to another, is not a modern concept. You will notice that some ancient illustrations show lions with wings, men whom have had horse bodies, and even horses with wings. People have been to threshold of their minds to find out who their Father is and what treasures or worth they were laboring for, no other creature is concerned about such things. We will try to investigate this metaphysical perception, and we will also try to test the scientific aspect also; because there is more to how things function than just mere appearance. What is evolution? And if it means random traits then what happen to the rest of the monkeys? Shouldn't there be some part monkey, part human, creatures around if this is a continuous process? Shouldn't there be some feathered lizards? We will start out with defining our terms, and we will investigate. You will have to come to your own conclusions though, because some things require trust, and true trust requires the freedom and choice to explore real and true interests, and some things will remain hidden until the end, but mystery wants the hungry to discover it! Whose dream are we sharing in, is it based on what reality? Is there any difference between evolution and religion if one is creating their own identity and is that even reasonable? We do have to get our worth from somewhere; identify with someone in an intimate way to obtain a value.

What is Spirituality?

If we were unspiritual we would just want to eat and lay back down. And some of us are and were unspiritual at least for a time until someone or something entices our desires and inspires a dream. This usually happens when we are hungry for an interest, although a more subtle inspiration sometimes can happen when we aren't even looking because of another's interest. If an interest is not stirred, one would become a nihilist or suicidal. But even suicide has to do with interest or love in a sense; it's about trying to save who one is interested in from life – an act of self martyrdom or mercy killing which is called nirvana in the Buddhist language. These are the powerful forces of the metaphysical perception that causes events to transpire in the real world and they are related to time; another mystical entity. Spirituality has to do with love and worth which are perceived from a metaphysical intimacy — spiritual view of life.

Defining the terms before we can even see the boundaries of mystery

It will cost you to find out what is behind certain mysteries and maybe you don't want to know. But everyone who values what they are laboring for should at least know where the boundaries are because interest has to do with love and spending the greatest part of your energy. What made the dirt get up and go into labor? It's amazing that dirt bags like us can go to moon just for fun if we have someone worth our labor, but if not we have a hard time just washing the dishes so we can eat, it seems like slavery. How we are transformed physically and spiritually have to do with love and planting seeds.

         What or who we love programs us and what we are made of physically allows us to function in certain ways. Who planted the first seed?  And/or who corrupted the program and crippled how we function? Or is it really natural for us to do what is unnatural to our own demise or hurt? People are different from the rest of the creatures and the world has been given to them. But something intangible, something metaphysical controls them or inspires their interests. Major empires have risen and fallen in mystery and it is related to evolution and religion. So before we go any further we must define some elementary terms and test them in order to find the unseen boundaries between a desire for life or death and a new world where a dream becomes reality.
relating physical influences to a transcendent force
reality beyond what is perceivable to the five senses
highly abstract or abstruse – theoretical
a perception of interest or concern
an affection toward someone or something
shared desires
empathizes or feels another's joy and pains
inspired by some kind of glory
empowers one to do the extraordinary
distaste, or offensive to one's senses
intense hostility and aversion deriving from a sense of injury
loathing the existence of someone or something that is contrary to the fulfillment of one's desire
condemnation or the love for the death of a perceived false interest or hypocrisy
being changed over time by your environment
becoming one with a shared dream or interest
creating a lover or institution to promote what you desire
worshiping what your hands have done
a value or idea that one believes should be sovereign
has hold of your desires
when spelled with a capital  G  referes to the creator of life as a unique person who is not made of anything and is Spirit
to hope or expect confidently
requires the best/choicest/cleanest/true part of who you are gladly; intimate friendship
obtained or evidenced by giving a highly valued part of one's labor to another along with a deep respect for the other's being and interest
sacred in heaven
covers another in adversity or vulnerability because of mutual interests

These terms I tried to define a little more specifically than possibly some dictionaries because confusion can come from a mix up of terms. Words must really be defined within the context of how they are used because of the overlap of definitions, but we have to try to stick to a standard as far as possible. One example:There is more than one definition of love because many confuse love as an emotion because it effects one's emotions. Love is really not an emotion and should have never been separated from the definition of the word trust. But in this world we do have a love that has been corrupted, or is not true. Love is really “a perception based on a sacrificial act for the well being of another.” And desire is “the emotion looking for satisfaction or fulfillment.” We really do not want to redefine words but to refine their meaning as it applies to reality so we can discover something true or false, or boundaries with different treasures or rewards.

For example many people fear the world is being over populated, which seems to be destructive to the earth by using up resources. So they interpret birth control and maybe abortion as a sacrifice; an act of love to save the planet (there can also be other hidden motives). Others may pride saving their kids for war to take control of a foreigner's energy resource to save the planet, so they sacrifice their children in war for a comfort in death to save their energy and the planet. But is either one a true love? And is the world suffering from human consumption? And is there another possibility? Because fear may be somehow related to love in the sense that you do not want to be separated from your desires being fulfilled, but fear is based on mistrust. By defining these terms we can rationalize that there is a love that will enslave you through fear and it might be from the wrong god or heaven, or that trust was broken and needs to be re-established.

Judging interest and the trust {truth?} one relies on, separate from judging if a person is right or wrong.

We should try to stay away from judging moral issues itself in our hunger to find truth, because in reality a person is judged by those they showed interest in, by those they trusted in. So to speak, ‘a child is always considered innocent unless they break trust with their parents.’ So right now we just want to find out if we are laboring for the right kind of trust, what the options and boundaries are. And who or what is behind the mystery? We have all been a fool sometime, and our morals are shaped by the one we love, beautiful, bad, or a terror.

The only way to find truth is to realize there is a reason for every purposed action, and we have to drop all prejudice and preconceived ideas to get a real understanding of why the dirt bags (us, scientifically) did it. Productive events are not random, no one trusts a gambler, and trust is a calculated risk of investment to see a dream become real. We will also look for evidence in a scientific sense to see if our metaphysical perceptions are justified or based on reality, such as are we saving or destroying the planet.

Love and trust can only be bound in a glory that delivers its promise/dream.

So then – Love is a genuine, valued, sacrificial act, another has to greatfully receive before there is any trust and interrelated desires that is worth investing into {returning an interest} to see shared dreams come into reality. Love in a sincere sense is a relationship with childlike intimacy; sharing interest and wanting each other's desires fulfilled completely in time through a willing self-sacrifice. However, dying human love needs a return of interest or the sacrifice one made becomes one's shame or offence because one poured a valued part of their self out and they weren't refilled to have worth. But an uncorrupted love that has life in it does not need a return of interest: although it can only share the depth of its abundance with a true friend because it cannot be corrupted, it does demonstrate a desire to share an entrustment for a dream to become real to those genuinely searching for the love of their life — but this energy and incorruptible life giving source can only come from heaven.

A person will not fully understand this until they have some sort of real experience with a real glory outside of one's self – that is transcendent {has the authority or power to come from the outside to the inside; can cross even unseen dimensions}. And if a person treasures their hard labor and what they labor for, and are seeking a real interest greater than money, and at the least define and see the honor in boundaries they will be invited to someone's table at a point when they are truly hungry. One has to go on the hunt for real but hidden riches before they know of a glory, and hunting is what this website wants to equip one to get started to do. But most will make their own gods in an attempt to avoid an intelligence force verses discovering who fathers your dreams or aspirations. But how can one value what they labor for if they have an unknown trust?

A rich untainted love/life is not in us until we have an encounter from heaven and a real invitation from our Father in heaven to drink from a wedding cup, this real drink is not from the church which is only supposed to be a genuine intercessor. In this cup is a sanctifying power that enables one to do the extraordinary to promote a glorious interest and share a desire that is from heaven. This cup also enables one to digest some real intimate food from heaven which transforms one until a trust based on real interest has a demonstrable witness for the real wedding and a new world that will see dream mature in reality and last forever. But then there is even more than one kind of heaven, one man's heaven is another man's hell because there is more than one kind of glory. There is a Glory that may cover you in life, and there is a Glory that may cover you in death, but neither is without cost because real treasures and vulnerability is involved. There is a boundary! And there is such a thing as an unknown father; some call him a god father.

reaching from the womb with unconditional trust There are many gods, but there is only one God that gave life to all and is a living person who is not born or created. Everyone has a god whether they know it or not, but not many have God as their soul dependency or they would honor boundaries and their Father, and they would be provided for. But we are saving this topic about discovering, who are our gods, or who God is, for another page. Right now we should define boundaries so we can know what options we can trust in. And trust requires two parties or there really is no trust. One might argue that they do love/trust themselves, and you do have to start out valuing what you labor for in order for it to have any meaning in a trust, but there is no trust until you invest your best into another. We are not made to be alone, however love/trust is a risk because ultimately your life is required to gain everything or lose everything. This is our blessing and our curse, we need to find a greater glory for some kind of friendship, treasure, or satisfaction even if only temporary, and otherwise it's wasted time and a mystery. Of course true and pure trust has a return of interest forever.

We really are not born innocent, but are in desperation for satisfaction as soon as we are conscious. I guess initially we are considered innocent because we are born out of control and we need to find who we can trust in our vulnerability to find worth. And we do start out with unconditional trust toward those who have been put over us because we have no choice until we mature. We need to be covered in our vulnerability in order to even want to labor for a dream to come true. A deeply sincere interest combined with an honored and sacred trust is elementary to discovering a door that is behind a mystery. One finds their identity when they go through that door otherwise they just labor so they can watch the drama; fantasize and lie down and keep the dream a mystery.

One may not believe this right now because we are in search, but this is the foundation of the metaphysical and all religions, so let's see how reality witnesses and reacts to it: We are born because God wanted to see a dream come true; some refer to this as destiny. But we have been separated from God and trust has to be sought out and proved as true or false. Children are supposed to be the fruits of a committed love, and part of an inheritance to an eternal kingdom which is a promise and a gift from God. The true children are born from his Spirit; their Father's word is life to them.

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